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BoutiqueSetup is a free resource for creating and running an online store. I started this website to help the beginners in setting up a store without coding. You can also use these posts for setting up a business website.

About me

Pulkit Bhardwaj boutiquesetup

I’m Pulkit Bhardwaj, an e-commerce writer, WordPress expert, and the webmaster of boutiquesetup.net. I made this site for providing free information and actionable tips for eCommerce marketing, making money online and similar topics. I personally write all the content on this website to ensure it actually helps the visitor.

A few years ago, there were many e-commerce platforms for setting up your store, but they were complex to use and didn’t offer the best UX. A user had to learn HTML for creating a custom store.  But since then many platforms have been developed that could create a store in 15-30 minutes and a website in 5-7 minutes.

A bit about my expertise:

I have been writing around different content management systems including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommrce, and more. I have worked on:

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What will you find on BoutiqueSetup?

I have written about different e-commerce platforms and helped a lot of users in starting a Shopify store. On BoutiqueSetup you can find the following on topics like making money online, eCommerce, WordPress and Shopify:

  • Beginner guides
  • In-depth tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Best tools round ups

For getting help with your online business, drop me an email and I will reach back to you within 24 hours.

Which is the best platform for starting an online boutique?

It depends. If you want to start an inventory-based online store, you can just go-ahead with WooCommerce. It offers all the features and functionality one could need. You can also use the free plugins from WordPress repository to add eCommerce specific features.

But if you want a dropshipping or print on demand store, Shopify is your best choice. It provides all the free tools and makes it super easy to import, list the products from wholesalers.

Do you accept guest posts?

We don’t accept guest contributions, but we do make exceptions for niche experts, or passionate writers with published writing profile. So if you are someone who has expertise/experience in dropshipping, print on demand, wholesale, manufacturing, or eCommerce niche; reach us out using below form.

Would you be interested in sponsored posts or paid link placements?

All of our mentions are genuine and to make sure the content remains helpful, we do not accept any kind of link placements or sponsored posts.

How can I reach you out?

If you have a website related query or just want to say Hi, contact us using the below form. Alternatively, you can also shoot an email on boutiquesetup at gmail dot com