Finding a reliable wholesale clothing suppliers is one of the most important steps to start an online store. 

A good quality supplier will not only offer a solid product catalogue, but also provide higher margin. With that sentiment in mind,  I have created a list of best wholesale clothing suppliers in the US/UK

We are going to be talking about the good and bad about each supplier, average shipment duration and subscription charge (if). Before we get started with the comparisons, here are a few things to consider when looking for a wholesale clothing vendor.

  • Location – How close the supplier is to your target market. 
  • Shipment Time – How long it will take items to get to your store/customers 
  • MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity, many suppliers allow dropshipping
  • Online Reputation – Reviews and Ratings from Trusted Sources 
  • Product Quality – A good quality product is important

25 Best Wholesale clothing suppliers for boutique

1. Printful


Printful is one of the best print on demand companies that offer high quality clothing collection. What makes them unique is that you will get to design your clothing with their free mockup generator. While you can dropship by syncing them with your online store (pay per order basis), they provide a 30% discount on bulk order. 

They have six warehouse centers for fast shipment. On an average, they take 2 to 7 days to fulfill an order.

2. Spocket

Spocket wholesale clothing vendors for dropshipping

Spocket is a one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers, dropshipping suppliers & distributors of US/EU based products. Think of it as a marketplace with pre-vetted suppliers to give you access to high quality products. Plus they will also take care of automated fulfillment and branded invoicing to help you sell as a dropshipper

Suppliers at Spocket are spread across the US and Europe, so shipping options can vary wildly. Typically you’ll see times under 20 days for any worldwide shipment. 

3. CCWholesaleClothing


CCWholesaleClothing is one of the best places for buying high quality wholesale clothing for your boutique. In addition to clothing products, they also offer jewelry and accessories.

This wholesaler is based in Los Angeles, minimum order is $100 and offers free shipping over $300. They even offer dropshipping service and integrate online via a Shopify app.

4. Parisian Wholesale


Third one our list of good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers is Parisian, an european clothing supplier targeting the UK based audience. You can get a great variety of clothing lines for Women and there are a lot of options available for each product. For most of Europe, they promise 4-8 days shipping, internationally expect 10 days, which is still quite fast. 

Their warehouse is in the UK so shipping to the UK is very fast and cheap. If you’re looking to ship outside of the UK it’s ~10-day shipping for $17.00.

5. Wholesalebox


Wholesalebox is an India based supplier that claims to offer the lowest factory price. You can get a variety of clothing including ethnic wear, indian jewellery, western wear and a lot more.

You can even expect a small discount on prepaid orders. Alternatively, they offer drop shipping as well for those who want to sell single products. You can get a t-shirt for as low as $2.

6. Inkthreadable


Inkthreadable is an on-demand print company that allows you to design your clothing. They have a variety of clothing collections and you can even test products on their platform. They offer unbeatable discounts on bulk order making them a perfect clothing supplier.

Inkthreadable ships from the UK and takes around 3 to 5 days to deliver your product.

7. Paperdoll


Paperdoll offers competitive prices on clothing for women and children. Most of their clothing options are in the ‘boutique’ style. Paperdoll wholesale is a place for finding women clothing, jewelry and other accessories. There is also a section for men clothing, but the products are limited. Overall, it’s a good wholesale supplier with well-designed clothing made with fine fabrics. 

Warehouse is in Los Angeles so US shipping is very quick but international shipping might vary based on location. It’s worth noting that if you order internationally you will need to pay duties and fees on arrival. 

8. Spreadshirt


Spreadshirt is good for those who are looking for personalized t-shirts and kids clothing suppliers. You can either place a bulk order and get a huge discount, or drop ship their product using a Shopify app on your online store.

Their shipping team takes around three days to produce a product and three more to get it delivered. They have warehouses in multiple locations. 

9. La Showroom

Las howroom wholesale clothing supplier

LA Showroom is a wholesale fashion clothing marketplace that offers a wide variety of design. 

They offer a list of both manufacturers and distributors for women’s clothing. Some other categories include men’s clothing, children and accessories. 

This wholesale clothing supplier is located in LA, but the suppliers that they work with are from different regions across the globe. 

Shipment time varies based on the product you order, but in the US it’s fairly quick. For international orders, they take 30 days on average. 

10. City Goddess


City Goddess is a UK based supplier for dropshipping and retail stores. They focus exclusively on UK fashion. What makes them unique is the list of popular fashion brands they have worked with. There are a lot of payment methods and shipment methods.

UK Warehouse, free shipping over £300.00 to most of Europe. If you have an order with a lesser amount then City Goddess uses UPS, DHL, or FEDEX, whichever is the cheapest. 

11. Pink Tree

Pink tree best wholesale clothing

Pink Tree is a LA Wholesaler that focuses on women’s clothing. They sell their products in packages, but their selection and products are both fantastic. Additionally, they have some of the best product photography in the business, which will help your site look great!

Warehouse is in Los Angeles. They process many of their orders the same day but use UPS standard shipping which is 4-6 business days within the United States. If you are ordering from India it will likely take over 30 days. 

12. Emma Cloth

Emma cloth

Emma Cloth is an extremely accessible option for wholesale. You can buy single items, don’t need a resellers license and signup only takes a minute. On top of that, they offer great product photography for a lot of their products. They can be a little expensive for Wholesale though. 

Many warehouses across the globe. They even offer free shipping taking 7 to 20 days for many regions. 

13. Sugarlips


Sugarlips is a heavily branded US Wholesale Vendor. They have an impressive selection and high-quality products that ship quickly in the United States. While the branding option is unavailable, they do offer some beautiful clothing products.

US based warehouses offer free domestic shipping over $49. Sugarlips uses DHL express for international shipping with a 3 weeks delivery window. 

14. Wholesale Fashion Square


Wholesale Fashion Square is a California based wholesaler who specializes in US boutiques. They have fantastic product quality and selection, but their products come in pre-selected packages that can be hard to work with.

All order ships from LA. The US only but most orders within the US will arrive within 4 days of ordering, including processing, which is quite fast.

15. Influence Fashion UK 


Influence Fashion UK is a vendor with centerpiece as women’s clothing. They have popular UK fashion items and offer impressive benefits to stores around Europe. If you’re trying to open a store outside of the EU, there are likely better choices.

Warehouses spread around the UK, shipping is free and you can receive it just the next day for most part in the UK. Within the EU you can expect 1-3 day shipping, international shipping is 1-5 days. 

16. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom wholesale

Bloom is a US-based website with a constantly changing stock. They bring in new items weekly and offer better discounts compared to a lot of US-based wholesale clothing suppliers. They also have no minimums, and orders above $400 get free shipping.

Warehouses in California, 3-5 days shipping in the USA, and free over 400.00. They don’t have times or prices for international shipping listed. 

17. Kole Imports

Kole Imports

Kole Imports is a multipurpose wholesale clothing supplier selling products across different categories. You can choose apparel or fashion accessories categories on this US based store. Clothing products are limited, but you can find some great accessories and fashion related products with bulk discounts.

Kole Imports ships to more than 100 countries. You can even call them to get an exact freight above 100 pounds. Being US-based, the shipping is fast and cost-effective. They usually ship within 2 days via FedEx or UPS.

18. Magnolia Wholesale 


Magnolia is a US-based wholesale clothing supplier that specializes in working with small businesses. Their clothing is ordered in packages of 3 instead of the industry standard of 6 pieces, which makes them a safer option for growing stores. 

US-based warehouse. Fast US shipping within 3-5 days. International shipping is slow at ~14-20 days. 

19. Brands Gateway


Brands Gateway is a wholesale clothing supplier that focuses on popular brands like Michael Kors and Armani. They have good prices on those brands, but it is still relatively expensive compared to other suppliers. 

Worldwide locations, shipping is ~7 days to most locations. Shipping cost varies greatly depending on location and is calculated at checkout. 

20. Jelly Bean 

Jelly bean wholesale clothing vendors

Jelly Bean is a Los Angeles based wholesaler that offers women and children’s clothing. They have colorful and fun clothing at great prices, but they mostly cater to the US. On an average they ship within 3 to 5 days.

21. Tasha Apparel 


Another LA-based wholesaler, Tasha Apparel, is unique in that they encourage dropshipping and offer easy options for stores that use that business model. They even offer product photos that are custom made for drop shippers on certain sections of the site. 

Fast US shipping from LA. $9.95 or free over $300.00. Internationally they will contact you with a price and timeline once you have placed your order. 

22. Tyche


They require a membership and reseller’s license for access but once you have an account they have fantastic products at good prices.

LA Warehouses, all shipping is UPS Ground or UPS international. This means you would have 3-5 days within the US, or 14-20 internationally. 

23. Andrea and Leo


Andrea and Leo is a feminism inspired wholesale clothing supplier from LA that offers some beautiful set of products. Should you want to create an online wedding boutique, they are the perfect supplier for you.

They ships internationally use USPS. USPS offers competitive rates but is often quite slow internationally, allowing ~30 days of shipping time for orders coming to India.

24. Mae Threads

mae threads

Mae Threads is a small business run by three sisters that favor pre-orders for products. They have a large selection of women’s clothing that can be bought solo or as part of a package. Their business model is easy to work with but results in a slightly higher price point. Some of their popular categories include tops, dresses, accessories, bottom and more

They ship from Utah and Arizona for only $5.00 domestically. They do not offer shipping outside of the United States at the moment. 

25. Wholesale Textile

Wholesale Textile

If you want a wholesale supplier for selling unique Indian clothing, than Wholesale Textile is the best option for you. They offer multiple payment methods and a really affordable price. Their warehouse and large women clothing collection makes them great for bulk business. They perform regular quality checks and world wide shipment to keep up with your wholesale demands.

How to find high quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers? 

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding the best wholesale clothing vendors (more than the ones mentioned). You can look for some verified wholesale clothing directories to find some options. Alternatively, if you want the freedom of customization, you can try print on demand suppliers.

Whichever vendor you choose, be sure to verify their profile across various online platforms and tryout a sample product for quality analysis.

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