If you are looking to find the best small batch cut and sew manufacturers, then this post is for you. 

Finding cut and sew manufacturers for small batches is slightly more challenging than selecting a generic manufacturer. Choosing a manufacturer that is both profitable and offers high-quality garment production is vital for success. 

There are many different factories, but choices are limited when it comes to small batches. In this post, I have researched 20+ manufacturers and handpicked the 4 best cut and sew manufacturers for small batches. Let’s get started! 

What is cut and sew manufacturing?

Cut and sew manufacturing is an outstanding technique for creating custom garments from different fabrics. You can use either pre-printed fabric or print the fabric design yourself using the sublimation process.

cut and sew manufacturer

Next, the design is cut into multiple pieces using a cutting machine. And lastly, the garment pieces are sewn together to create the final product. Here are some quick benefits of cut and sew manufacturing –

  • Cut and sew processes offer a high-quality, unique clothing line
  • It combines perfectly with sublimation printing, allowing you to create all-over-printed fabric
  • This manufacturing process lets you add a patch or label to an existing garment
  • You can create sustainable and eco-friendly clothing by reusing or recycling any fabric type
  • It helps you launch your branded fashion products

Things to consider when selecting a small batch cut and sew manufacturer

  • Fashion requirements – While looking for cut-and-sew clothing manufacturers, ensure that you research your product’s specifications well (type of fabric, garment specs, and so on). For custom cut and sew production, you will have to provide a specification sheet (better known as a tech pack) that explains everything about your requirements. 
  • Print method – While sublimation printing is the process that uses cut and sew manufacturing the most, you can also work with DTG, screen printing, and other methods. You can opt for a supplier that uses the printing method you want on the fabric. 
  • Minimum order quantity – When it comes to small batch cut and sew manufacturers, it is vital to consider the minimum order quantity. Some companies allow lower MOQ than others. 
  • Refund policy – Next, read the return policy carefully, including the terms and conditions, the timeframe for placing a return, restocking, and additional charges. 
  • Shipment time – Lastly, try to work with a domestic manufacturer instead of one located overseas. This not only reduces your shipping time but also saves you from expensive custom charges (if any). 

Best Small Batch Cut and Sew manufacturers

1. Printful

Printful cut and sew print manufacturing

When it comes to small batch cut and sew manufacturers, there’s no better option than a print-on-demand dropshipping company like Printful. For those unfamiliar with it, print on demand is a business model where the manufacturers create and ship the product under your brand name. That allows online stores to sell products on a per-order basis without risking a heavy investment.

all over print sewing by printful

The straightforward process involves designing your product with their free mockup generator and then importing it to your eCommerce store. Listing the finished product requires a simple click of the import button. Done! 

Printful’s cut and sew manufacturing includes two methods –

  • Sublimation printing – A fantastic process where graphics are printed on sublimation paper with high-quality sublimation ink. Then the fabric is placed between the two sheets of sublimation paper and passes through a heat press machine.
  • Cut & sew – Next, industrial machines shape the all-over-print fabric into a garment with precision cutting and sewing.

That creates a durable product. But there’s one major setback: the profit margin is limited even though your MOQ is as low as 1 unit.

However, if you place an order of 25+ units, you can get a wholesale bulk discount of up to 55%. (you can mix and match different colors, sizes, and designs). They also offer additional bulk shipping discounts on higher quantities.

Printful also integrates swiftly with top eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces like Etsy, making it perfect for both online and offline clothing businesses.

Best features – White labeling, 70+ products/15 categories, free mockup generator
Top products – Hoodies, unisex sports jerseys, leggings, T-shirts, fanny packs
Trust rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
MOQ – 1 unit
Shipment time – 7 to 10 business days 
Info card

2. Prange Apparel 

prange cut and sew small batch manufacturers

Prange Apparel is a cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing company that targets women’s boutique apparel. The Nashville-based facility prides itself on being an excellent small-batch domestic manufacturing company.

You will have to create a tech pack or specification sheet that describes the sew-by sample and pattern for the manufacturing. And you’ll want to take into consideration that this company doesn’t source its fabric, so you will need to locate a source for your own fabric.

Their manufacturing and quote process is relatively complex compared to other small batch cut and sew manufacturers.

But they do have a wide range of sewing machines and work with a wide variety of fabrics, including silks, Tencel, cotton, rayon/viscose, wool, polyester, bamboo, knits, and various blends.

They offer bulk discounts for 100+ and 250+ units. This manufacturer is an excellent choice for those starting up an online boutique or wanting to add new stock to their shop’s display rack.

Best features – Domestic production
Top products – Women’s apparel
Trust rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
MOQ – 1 unit
Shipment time – 2 to 6 weeks
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3. Seam Apparel

Another great option on our list of best cut and sew manufacturers is Seam Apparel. They have an amazing portfolio and a unique printing range including custom t-shirts, hoodies, leather goods, cushion covers, neck gaiters, and more.

They don’t have a lot of ratings on online platforms, but their website do offer testimonials from satisfied customers. Plus they have 9k+ monthly visitors (at the time of writing) making them almost reliable. But be sure to place a test order before the bulk. They have manufacturing plant based in Los Angeles.

Best features – Amazing product range
Top products – Hoodies, Tshirts, sweatshirts
Trust rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
MOQ – 50 unit
Shipment time – 2 to 8 business days
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4. Contrado 


Contrado is a print on demand company primarily focusing on cut and sew manufacturing. Unlike other print on demand companies with multiple printing methods, Contrado works exclusively on cut-and-sew methods.

Along with a low minimum order quantity, they offer fine garment production. All you do is upload the product and choose the garment. Then they print and ship the product under your brand name. You can also add custom labels to the products.

But if you are more interested in small batch manufacturing, you can take advantage of their wholesale cut-and-sew manufacturing service. Simply sign up for a wholesale account on their cut and sew manufacturing page, and you can get up to a 40% discount, depending on the product.

Best features – Full-color edge print, branding options
Top products – Clothing and homeware
Trust rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
MOQ – 1 unit
Shipment time – 5-10 days 
Info card

5. Steve Apparel

Steve apparel

Steve Apparel is a contract-based cutting and sewing clothing manufacturer. They take care of everything from designing to product development to production, allowing you to stay focused on your goals.

You can effortlessly finalize your fabric design and create a mockup for your business. And this company is one of the most popular custom clothing manufacturers in the USA.

However, they do have a few complaints on the Trustpilot and rated 3.1/5 stars.

Best features – Multiple printing methods
Top products – Hoodies, jackets, T-shirts, swimwear
Trust rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
MOQ – 50 units
Shipment time – 2-3 weeks 
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So these are my top four picks for the best small batch cut and sew clothing manufacturers. If you are focused on high-quality all-over-printing, then Printful is your best option. 

For those wanting to launch their boutique, Prange Apparel is an excellent choice. You can also add other products to your online boutique, like private-label beauty and custom jewelry products

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