Not sure which are the best Shopify shipping apps? Read this guide. 

When it comes to eCommerce, Shipment and logistics are the things you can’t skip on. This is because every consumer wants their shipping to be FAT: “Fast, affordable and trackable”. 

One of the reasons entrepreneurs use Shopify is due to the excessive number of shipment options which can help you to automate the shipment and spend more time on marketing. 

Shopify offers a built-in shipping system for displaying a calculated shipment rates on the checkout page whereas the traditional shipment processor carries out a lot of limitations, which are: 

  • It can only ship from fulfilment centre based in the US, Canada or Australia.
  • It can’t ship orders from multiple channels (i.e. Amazon).
  • There is no shipment via FedEx or any carrier (Other than USPS, UPS, Canada Post, DHL Express International or Sendle).
  • There stands no workflow automations or set rules for shipment options.
  • It can’t print more than 20 labels at a time.
  • Its carrier discounts are really limited.

And you can’t afford to waste your time fixing these things. Especially, when you’re competing against the bigger brands. To help you ease up the shipping process, I’ve compiled a list of the few best Shopify shipping apps which are containing Shopify shipping rules, discounts and shipment tracking. 

What is Shopify Shipping?

Shopify Shipping

Think of Shopify Shipping as an integrated tool that lets you buy and print shipping labels. You can also track your shipments for your orders directly from your admin dashboard.

You can use it for displaying calculated shipping rates, buy + print shipping labels, and to avail discounts on your shipping labels. Plus they offer protected shipment using embedded shipping insurance.

Shopify Shipping

Shopify Shipping offer multiple shipment carriers based on your eCommerce business location.

You can easily enable shipping with Shopify by entering eligible fulfilling locations and buying shipping label via the admin panel. In case, the shipping label is unavailable for your location, you can use a Shopify shipping app for getting your shipping label printed.

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Best Shopify Shipping Apps  

1. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shopify Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is a Shopify shipping app that you can use for showcasing international shipping rates in real-time and reduce cart abandonment.

You can improve customer journey by simply showcasing upfront shipping information right before checkout. It auto-detects customer location after integrating with your store.

What makes Shipping Rates Calculator Plus the best Shopify app?

  • One-click install and setup for presenting the shipping information.
  • Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is highly customizable, i.e. you can change colors, fonts, sizing, and even CSS for swiftly adding to your brand aesthetics.
  • Fully compatible with all Shopify themes and additional shipping company apps
  • It is designed for multiple warehouses and auto-detects customer location
  • Showcase shipping bar for indicating minimum threshold for enabling free shipping.

Price – $7.99 per month (30 days free trial)

2. Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced shipping rules

Advanced Shipping Rules is one of the best Shopify shipping apps for setting up unique shipping rates for different products. You can select whether you want to display directly the carrier rates, or to display the rates based on product rules, or to simply offer free shipping. You can choose variables based on which you want to display or hide the Shopify shipping rates.

What makes Advanced Shipping Rules the best Shopify app?

  • Advanced package dimensions settings for showing package weight, dimensions and number of items per package.
  • Use of sub-zones based on postal codes for offering free shipping on domestic orders.
  • It can combine printful, Printify and Pixels (Print on Demand companies) with your own products for showcasing a mixed shipment rate.
  • Sets up unique rules for other print providers for displaying a blended rate.
  • Restricts specific products for shipping to a specific zone.
  • Show rates based on rules (i.e. first item $10, each additional $1), carrier rates and product groups.
  • White-glove delivery or regular delivery options for the same shipping method.
  • Other multiple delivery options: ship along, ship separately, custom duty paid, to pay, insurance, no insurance and many more.

Price: $9 per month (free 7 days trial)

3. Intuitive Shipping 

Intuitive shopify shipping app

No.1 reason store owners add a Shopify app instead of built in Shopify shipping is rule based conditioning for calculating blended shipping rates during checkout.This is exactly where Intuitive Shipping app comes in action. 

Unlike other Shopify shipping apps, this app is specifically for those who only want to add a few tweaks to the in-built Shopify shipping system. 

What makes Intuitive Shipping the best Shopify app?

  • Over 40 shipping rules based on product tag, customer tag, time of the day, product variant and more.
  • This app allows you to add multiple shipping origins for addresses (suppliers) based in different locations.
  • Awesome SmartBoxing algorithm for calculating dimensional shipping rates. Also, it allows you to ship multiple pieces.  
  • Advanced rate blending for different rates and for different products during checkout.
  • Triggers free shipping for cart value above specified amount.
  • Assigns custom pricing based on product quantity, weight, distance and more.
  • Accurate live rate calculations from major carriers including Australia Post, Canada Post, Canpar, DHL, DHL eCommerce, FedEx, FedEx Freight, Purolator, USPS, UPS.
  • Both City Subzones and postal Subzones are available (add Sub-zones for different shipping options – free shipping, $10, $20, and so on – only for example).

Price: $29.99 per month for up to 600 orders (14-days free trial)

4. Shipstation

shipstation shopify

Shopify ShipStation is known for its “everything-at-one-place” advancement when it comes to shipment. 

It is a web-based shipping software for online retailers. You can easily import products from multiple channels as well as print labels for your shipment carriers.

This Shopify shipping app is good for those who sell on multiple channels and seeks a single dashboard with real-time inventory tracking. ShipStation makes the overall shipping experience insanely easy.

What makes ShipStation the best Shopify app?

  • Beginner friendly user interface for easily setting up shipment automation rules.
  • You can import product names, SKU, weight and images so that you can easily pick-pack orders.
  • Maps multiple shipping locations for multiple inventories.
  • Prints hundreds of shipping labels in one go.
  • 40+ different carrier services across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.
  • It gets a branded tracking page with your logo and color for displaying shipment status.  
  • Custom self-service portal for order returns.
  • Fully customize shipment notifications, emails, labels and packing slips for a branded experience.
  • 200+ shipping carriers and 75+ sales channels.
  • Awesome shipment discounts based on shipping carriers.

Price: $9.99 per month for up to 50 shipments (30 days free trial)

5. AfterShip

Shopify aftership app shipping

AfterShip is a web-based Shopify shipping app for keeping your customers updated on their deliveries from your online store. The order tracking solution sends out automated emails or text notifications for the exact status of your shipment. You can use it for providing a premium post purchase experience to your customers.

What makes AfterShip the best Shopify app?

  • Automated shipment notifications via text or emails.
  • Monitors all shipment at a place with just a few clicks.
  • Closely integrates with 700+ shipment carriers for transparent shipment status.
  • Provides personalized product recommendations along with shipment.
  • Engages customers with a branded tracking page for your online store.
  • Allow your customers to monitor shipping via Android or iOS apps.
  • Integrates with ShiStation and Klaviyov (marketing automation app).

Price: Free up to 50 shipments

6. Rush

Rush is an amazing Shopify shipping app which you should’ve on your online store. You can use it for keeping your customers in the loop by automatically sending delivery updates.

This Shopify shipping app also offers a fully-customizable branded tracking page for providing your customers with a premium tracking experience. On the top of that, you can use up-sell and cross-sell products recommendations for boosting your average order value.

What makes Rush the best Shopify app?

  • Sends out automated order updates before “where is my order” query.
  • Proactively notify your customers for higher engagement rates.
  • Creates a premium tracking page for your customers.
  • 400+ shipping carriers to make shipment easier.
  • Puts product recommendations on the tracking page for retaining customers.
  • Smart triggers & events for updating on delays.
  • Blacklist locations as well as replace them with the ones you ship from (good for Shopify dropshippers).
  • Automated carrier mapping and custom reports.
  • Multilingual tracking pages for worldwide customers.

Price: 7 days trial on any plan or free up to 50 shipments

Which is the best Shopify shipping app for you?

Finding the best Shopify shipping apps is important. But, selecting the best fit depends more on your business needs. If you want to sell your eCommerce products domestically, select an app with sub-zones and custom shipping rules. 

For those who also want to send automated shipping updates for their Shopify store, use a post-purchase shipment app. 

If you still don’t know the best Shopify app for you, simply reach out to us and our team will help you for free. 

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