I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the options are pretty limited when it comes to print on demand in France. 

Or are they?

Many print on demand sites in the marketplace offer dropshipping in different locations around the globe. However, most of them target the USA. You need to select a print on demand supplier that not only creates the product as per the France-based audience requirement but also delivers it quickly. 

To help you find the best options, I have battle-tested 20+ print on demand sites and handpicked a few top choices. To help you get an idea of shipment prices within France, I’ve compared each of the top picks and their shipment price for a T-shirt. 

Things to consider when selecting a print on demand website

Before we head on to the comparisons, here are a few quick pointers that you should know as a print on demand store owner –

  • Warehousing and fulfillment centers – The first thing to verify if you are selling in France is whether or not the supplier has a domestic production plant or warehousing center, principally because that could affect your shipment time. 
  • Product fulfillment time – The next thing is to calculate the delivery time. When it comes to figuring out the total fulfillment dropshipping time, you need to consider both the production and delivery time. 
  • Refund policy – Since it’s a print on demand business, refunds are only possible when there is a product defect, erroneous delivery, or similar issue. Review the return policy for a quick overview of the company’s policies. 
  • France Tax laws – Some print on demand sites are registered under France laws, and some are not. Although this may not be that big of a deal, I suggest you get in touch with the company’s customer support for the complete picture. 

Best print on demand sites in France



When it comes to print on demand suppliers on France-based websites, my favorite pick is TPOP. This company is registered under French laws and located in the South region of France. 

This European print on demand company is known for making eco-friendly products. They create environmentally-friendly products using green printing tech (i.e., Oeko-Tex, GOTS, and vegan-certified printing inks). Furthermore, they use Zero Plastic delivery through a carbon-neutral postal operator.

While they offer limited options in their product catalog, those items are top-notch quality.

Another thing that sets this France-based print on demand company apart is its brandability. They offer a total of six branding options – your logo on the package, your logo on the packing slip, social networking links on packing slips, thank you notes, translation slips, and package inserts.

Currently, TPOP integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy, but they also offer direct orders, so you can place them manually on other platforms. Their production time is 2-4 days, plus a shipment window of 2-3 days. 

Best feature – Automated print on demand and eco-friendly dropshipping
Shipment price for a T-shirt – €3.95 + €1 per additional item
Price – Free

2. Printful


Printful is one of the most highly recommended print on demand dropshipping platforms and is currently the best option for eCommerce. 

This print on demand company has in-house production units to ensure the product’s quality. You get a free, beginner-friendly mockup generator for designing your custom products. They have the most sophisticated product range: 230+ products of print on demand jewelry, T-shirts, clothing, hoodies, mouse pads, bean bag covers, tote bags, notebooks, pet products, and much more. 

Regarding warehousing centers, they have multiple warehousing centers around the globe. However, the one nearest to France is in Barcelona, Spain. So check the products available in their Barcelona-based center via their products page or chat support. 

Although they offer nearly all kinds of printing methods, including sublimation printing, DTG printing, embroidery, and private labeling, I recommend DTG as it delivers the best graphics and has a growing market

The only downside is that their profit margin is slightly less than other print on demand companies in France. But you will like the quality they offer, and they offer a 20% discount on a test order and a more than 30% discount on wholesale bulk orders. 

From a tech POV, Printful integrates swiftly with top eCommerce platforms for dropshipping, including Shopify, and integrates with popular online marketplaces, including Amazon, Etsy, Gumroad, Storenvy, Nuvemshop, and more. You can also use Printful with sales channels like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and more.

They have a production time of 2-3 days and a shipping window of 2-6 days, depending on the products you choose. 

Best feature – Branding and custom labeling options and in-house design creators (paid) 
Shipment price for a T-shirt – $4.59 for a single item + $1.45 per additional item
Price – Free

3. Spocket

Spocket print on demand

Spocket is an online dropshipping platform that connects independent suppliers or brands from the USA, UK, France, and other countries with eCommerce stores. As a retailer, you can easily find top dropshipping products. They highlight the best-selling items and offer a 30% to 40% profit margin, depending on the supplier. 

They showcase the retail and listing price, giving you a better idea for pricing your products. 

You can find personalized products with France-based suppliers and discuss the customization. All of their suppliers are pre-vetted and high-quality, so you can start up your automated print on demand dropshipping business stress-free. 

My favorite feature about Spocket is their branded invoicing feature that lets you add your shop logo, store URL, and personal notes. They have recently added a private label feature, so you can also use Spocket to launch your custom brand. Most suppliers ship within 1-3 business days. 

Best feature – Independent dropshippers
Shipment price for a T-shirt – $3.50 for a single item + $0.50 per additional item
Price – $29.99 per month (14-day free trial)

4. Tunetoo


Next in line for the “best print on demand options in France” list is Tunetoo. They are primarily known for apparel printing, but you can also sell tote bags, smartphone cases, mugs, beanies, bathrobes, cushions, and more.

The 10-year-old brand has its production house in the Bordeaux region in France. Their printing methods include embroidery, digital printing, flex printing, flock printing, special flex, and sublimation.

You can quickly launch your store with a vast range of print methods and great branding options. Presently, Tunetoo only integrates with Shopify, but you can contact them for a custom API. The delivery window is 10-15 days. 

Best feature – Beginner-friendly mockup
Shipment price for a T-shirt – N/A
Price – Free 

5. DropShipPrint


When it comes to print on demand in France, we cannot overlook DropShipPrint. They offer T-shirts (primary focus), onesies, caps, mugs, gym bags, hoodies, aprons, and other products.

They offer white-label branding backed by France-based production machines. And they use DTG printing, making the prints vibrant and efficient.

For starting your print on demand store, you can integrate it with Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Amazon, Google Shopping, and a few other options.

DropShipPrint claims to have a delivery time of 48 hours via Colissimo after 2-3 days of production time.

Best feature – Fast production and shipment
Shipment price for a T-shirt – starts at €3.20 
Price – Free 



My last pick for print-on-demand businesses is specifically for artists, influencers, and designers who just want a mini online marketplace for a side income. You need to design your garment (organic T-shirts and sweatshirts), set the sale price, and launch your campaign.

Next, share it on social channels, and once you reach the threshold of 5 orders, they will deliver your product, and you will receive a small profit. They have a growing traffic of more than 3,000 potential customers per month.

The only problem with a print on demand marketplace is you only get a fixed commission, and you don’t control the entire business like you would with an independent eCommerce store built with Shopify. 

They also offer bulk clothing if you are looking for a wholesale clothing supplier. But as a print on demand seller, you could use it for a side income or testing product prototypes.

Best feature – Bulk discount
Shipment price for a T-shirt – N/A
Price – Free 


So those were the top picks for starting a print on demand business in France. After battle-testing multiple companies with a France-based landing page, these were the only ones that topped the list. Most of the other POD suppliers either didn’t have a France-based (or one located nearby) warehouse or had limited ratings from France retailers. 

That said, if you work with a supplier not located domestically, you can always use a warehousing and fulfillment center to temporarily store the products near your customers. The fee is minimal, and then you can ship quickly once your customer’s order arrives. 

After creating a print-on-demand business for your French customers, remember to diversify by integrating your shop with online marketplaces. Use unique marketing strategies other than paid ads. For example, you can do a giveaway collaboration with a TikTok influencer or create referral programs to generate traction. 

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