When it comes to Shopify clothing stores, there are tons of amazing options. But only some are generating good revenue. You need to select carefully the marketing platforms that you are going to use for conversions. And the landing page of the main section has to work right when you launch the store. 

To help you outrank your competitors, we have compiled a list of some of the best Shopify clothing stores in 2023. We also handpicked the most essential specifics to help you make a profit in the long run. 

Top Shopify clothing stores for high profit

1. King Killers – eye-catchy landing page for organic conversions

shopify clothingg store

The first on our list of best Shopify clothing stores is an apparel store primarily focused on athletic products. Their primary target is the MMA niche, but they offer additional products like jewelry, wall art, hats, and so on. 

This Shopify clothing store really stands out because of its simplistic design with lots of white space and a header with 3-image grids.

shopify admin

Here’s the owner of the store, Michael Heckert’s two cents- 

I run the fitness apparel brand ‘King Killers Apparel’ and have built it entirely on Shopify! I love using Shopify for E-Commerce as it is insanely user-friendly.

When it comes to attracting visitors and generating revenue, we use mostly organic channels such as social media, SEO, word of mouth, and going to pop-up events. We find the best way to find new traffic and keep visitors coming back for more is to constantly be updating the site with new products, and as we do, we make sure to let our customers know ASAP via Email & social media posts.

At the end of the day, the absolute best way to get more traffic and keep them coming back is through over-the-top customer service! Solve every issue, big or small, go above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied, and you will always have customers coming back for more!

2. Beaumont Organic – Nature based Hero header


Beaumont Organic is a 15-year-old brand featuring British fashion that’s both sustainable and ethical. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton. And their product range includes clothing, pet, baby, homeware, and related products.

What makes this store even more brandable is the emphasis on its brand story. Every section shares a personal story, from the hero image to the footer.

3. Real Darkness – Minimalistic design

real darkness

This one enjoys an average monthly profit of $2,758, and Google ads are their primary marketing source. The dropshipping store uses Shopify, and the black and white design showcases the theme of clothing products. While they use a basic Shopify theme, they have a few customization tweaks for dynamic functionality. It is currently available for sale on Flippa. 

4. Sunshine – Creative graphical icons


When it comes to print on demand dropshipping, Shopify is the best choice. Impressively, this clothing store is featured on Printful’s official blog. 

Frank and Terrie started the Sunshine Shopify clothing store as a regular clothing store. But it later transformed into a community-focused marketplace featuring clothing lines from multiple designers. Although they now use WooCommerce, the store previously relied on Shopify for most of its suppliers.

They promote most of their merch via Instagram and TikTok. They also collaborated with many like-minded artists to target the right audience for their merchandise.

5. beardedgoat – Basic design with fast loading pages


beardedgoat is perfect for those looking to take their Shopify clothing store’s design to the next level. Instead of simply installing a regular theme, you can create a fully functional Shopify design on your own with simple drag and drop. 

A great example of a store made with the Shogun page builder is beardedgoat. Visual brand aesthetics have profoundly influenced the clothing and fashion category. This store succinctly communicates its story of “outdoor apparel” with unique images. They put their images directly into the design context, improving the overall brandability.

Other Shopify clothing stores for inspiration

6. Goodfair

Goodfair is a thrift marketplace focused on second hand clothing and eco-friendliness. They are providing a good experience to users looking for re-cycled fashion from reliable brands. From UX standpoint, they have a short landing page that both convey their message and highlight the top selling products.

7. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova spend a lot of their marketing budget on unique landing pages for festive discounts, seasonal sales, and other offers. But most o their design have a full-page Hero image.

You will also notice that just like most of the stores they follow the Z principle that says – a user read the page from left to right and then goes towards the down-left corner and then again from left to right, making a Z like pattern. This phenomena is used majorly for creating landing pages.

8. Forever 21

Forever 21 landing pages mostly create luxury-experience for fashion followers. Their top menu bar is Yellow colored that is associated with sunshine, energy, and hapiness. And while the overall design have a black & white look, they use tons of images and videos for creating a fashion-friendly experience.

How to reverse engineer a Shopify clothing store?

Once you have found the niche in which you want to sell clothing and fashion products, you need to do market research. Whether you are a dropshipping or drop servicing business, it is crucial to learn from your competitors instead of starting from scratch. 

You can use tools like Shopify theme detectors to find out what Shopify theme a store uses. Next, you can look through different sources for reliable product sourcing. You can get started with brainstorming the name using our boutique name generator.

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