Looking for the best AliExpress and Alibaba alternatives? Check out my top picks. 

I have hand-picked some of the best options for sites like AliExpress that can make you good profit. Whichever marketplace you choose, be sure to check the online reviews and thoroughly investigate your supplier. 

1. Modalyst

Modalyst alibaba and aliexpress alternatives

Modalyst is a large marketplace for AliExpress dropshipping with 10M awesome products. You can find US dropshippers, independent custom suppliers and AliExpress sellers on Modalyst. Modalyst is free up to 25 products.

The features they offer:

  • High quality drop shipping products
  • Worldwide suppliers and unique items

2. DropCommerce

dropcommerce alibaba

DropCommerce is a platform for finding Canada suppliers and US dropshippers with lesser shipment time. If you are looking for Alibaba alternatives for shipment, DropCommerce will be the best option.

The features they offer:

  • Branded, well-built products
  • Fast shipping with US based suppliers

3. SaleHoo


If you want a one-stop solution for nearly all of the Alibaba and Aliexpress alternatives, then SaleHoo is the best option for you. SaleHoo is a global trading directory for finding wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers. 

Their SaleHoo lab is a powerful market research tool that makes it easy for you to find high-margin products in almost every niche. Plus, their search function is distinguished for suppliers and products. 

The features they offer:

  • 8000+ wholesale and dropshipping companies
  • Awesome customer support by SaleHoo team 
  • Good ratings on Better Business Bureau

4. Kole Imports & Closeouts

kole imports best alibaba alternative

Kole Imports is a multi-category wholesale merchandise supplier based in the USA. Just like Alibaba, they have tons of categories to buy from. Kole Imports & Closeouts has a MOV (minimum order value) of 3 to 4 for some products, but most of them can be dropshipped easily. If you want a fast shipping supplier during the current pandemic, then this is one of the best AliExpress alternatives for you. 

The features they offer:

  • Shopper approved ratings with 8k+ reviews  
  • Both dropshipping and Amazon FBA available
  • In-house branding and bundling options

5. Spocket 


Spocket is one of the most unique Alibaba and AliExpress alternatives on this list. They bring together multiple, high-quality wholesale/dropshipping suppliers from Europe and the USA. 

Their products are pricier, but you’ll have access to some unique, well-built products with a reasonable margin. Spocket is available for free. 

The features they offer:

  • Get access to thousand of suppliers for free 
  • Fast, worldwide shipping and high-quality products 

6. DHgate


If you just want something almost similar to AliExpress or Alibaba for product sourcing, then go with this option. DHgate is a wholesale B2B and B2C platform that you can use for dropshipping cheap, trendy products from China. 

Similar to AliExpress, the site is known for cross-border eCommerce that provides access to Chinese suppliers to retailers. This allows dropshippers to sell cheap products and make good money without having to make an advance investment.

The features they offer:

  • Trendy product range with a fast-growing market
  • Global expansion with worldwide products

7. Banggood 


Another great cheap product hub is Banggood. They offer cool, trendy products to both customers and dropshippers. 

Banggood sell electronics, toys, computers, and items in many other niches. They  guarantee one month for delivery in the United States and Australia based eCommerce customers. Banggood regularly offers flash deals where you can grab a hot product with a decent price and sell it for a profit.

The features they offer:

  • Trendy products for high profit margin
  • Top rated AliExpress alternative by multiple resources

8. Fuel 

Fuel is a great AliExpress alternative, specifically for those who are running or want to run a Shopify store. They sell electronics, toys, computers, and items in many other niches.They guarantee one month for delivery in the United States and Australia.

Fuel is a print on demand dropshipping solution that offers products like shirts, mugs, hoodies, posters, phone cases, and hats for a good price. The best part is, you get the flexibility of product customization, and you can create the exact design you want. They offer customized tees for as low as $3.

The features they offer:

  • DTG printing for fast, on-demand customization
  • Reliable quality products
  • Expedited shipment with no extra charge

9. CCWholesaleClothing

CCWholesaleClothing is one of the best ways for starting an online clothing boutique is to find a supplier with both wholesale and dropshipping options. If you want the best AliExpress or Alibaba alternatives specifically for eCommerce, you can get some great products including clothing, jewelry, and accessories from California.

The features they offer:

  • High-quality clothing collection
  • Dropship beautiful products with Shopify
  • Direct wholesale order available  

10. Tomtop

This is a perfect AliExpress alternative for finding wholesale and retail collections in one place. Tomtop offers many categories and has a good reputation on TrustPilot (one of the reasons why I added it to my list of AliExpress alternatives). It is one of the top options for sites like AliExpress. The team regularly updates the top products, so you can quickly get your hands on the newest ones.

The features they offer:

  • Trendy Chinese products for dropshipping 
  • Dropship Xiaomi brand picks

11. Doba

Similar to SaleHoo, Doba is one of the best Alibaba alternatives for dropshipping. Like Alibaba, they offer a vast marketplace of wholesalers and dropship suppliers, but unlike them, your products won’t be out in the open.

You’ll have to pay $29 to unlock the suppliers and products, which means your suppliers will be more discrete. Other dropship competitors cannot get access to the products you are selling. 

The features they offer:

  • US-based dropshipping marketplace
  • 1.4 million products for selling
  • Verified worldwide suppliers in one place

12. DealeXtreme 

DealeXtreme is my last pick in the AliExpress alternatives list. It is almost similar to the AliExpress store, but they are based in Hong Kong instead of China.This means you can get cheap products shipped without any delays. There are a lot of categories, but the best products are in Consumer Electronics. They can ship your products worldwide in almost two weeks.

The features they offer:

  • Hong-Kong-based AliExpress alternative 
  • Ships to 250+ countries across the world

Which are the best AliExpress alternatives? 

There are a lot of site like AliExpress where you can go based on your product needs. My top 3 picks are: 

  1. Tomtop – Get high quality, trendy products to dropship from China
  2. DealExtreme – Hong-Kong-based alternative for Alibaba and AliExpress
  3. SaleHoo – Dropshipping directory with verified suppliers 

That was my take. In case you have an alternative that I missed, let me know in the comments section. 

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