Looking for the best AliExpress and Alibaba alternatives? Check out my top picks. 

I have hand-picked some of the best options for sites like AliExpress that can make you good profit. Whichever marketplace you choose, be sure to check the online reviews and thoroughly investigate your supplier.

1. Look for websites like AliExpress 

You can look at supplier marketplaces that are almost exactly similar to AliExpress. These are the ones ranking top in the dropshipping marketplace and has a worldwide audience base just like AliExpress. Some of the best options are – 

1.1. DHGate

If you just want something almost similar to AliExpress or Alibaba for product sourcing, then go with this option. DHgate is a wholesale B2B and B2C platform that you can use for dropshipping cheap, trendy products from China. 

Similar to AliExpress, the site is known for cross-border eCommerce that provides access to Chinese suppliers to retailers. This allows dropshippers to sell cheap products and make good money without having to make an advance investment.

1.2 Banggood 

Another great cheap product hub is Banggood. They offer cool, trendy products to both customers and dropshippers. 

Banggood sells electronics, toys, computers, and items in many other niches. They  guarantee one month for delivery in the United States and Australia based eCommerce customers. Banggood regularly offers flash deals where you can grab a hot product with a decent price and sell it for a profit.

1.3 Tomtop 

This is a perfect AliExpress alternative for finding wholesale and retail collections at one place. Tomtop offers many categories and has a good reputation on TrustPilot (one of the reasons why I added it to my list of AliExpress alternatives). It is one of the top options for sites like AliExpress. The team regularly updates the top products, so you can quickly get your hands on the newest ones.

That said, always make sure that you check the online reviews for trustworthiness and read the refund policy for swift business. 

sell on Shopify

2. Work with a supplier from dropshipping marketplaces 

Next in line are the AliExpress alternatives for those who are looking to work with branded, independent dropshipping brands located in the USA, Europe, UK and other locations. This is where online dropshipping marketplaces come into action. 

These online marketplaces pre-verify the trustworthy dropshipping suppliers and show your the best selling products. Some of the companies even offer branded invoicing options. 

  • Spocket Spocket is one of the most unique Alibaba and AliExpress alternatives on this list. They bring together multiple, high-quality wholesale/dropshipping suppliers from Europe and the USA. Their products are pricier, but you’ll have access to some unique, well-built products with a reasonable margin. Spocket is available for free. 
  • Modalyst – It’s an online marketplace for AliExpress dropshipping with 10 million awesome products. You can find US dropshippers, independent custom suppliers and AliExpress sellers on Modalyst. Modalyst is free with up to 25 products.

3. Use online directories for niche specific suppliers  

Another great place for finding verified wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers, and generic suppliers is – an online directory. 

  • SaleHoo – If you want a one-stop solution for nearly all of the Alibaba and Aliexpress alternatives, then SaleHoo is the best option for you. SaleHoo is a global trading directory for finding wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers. Their SaleHoo lab is a powerful market research tool that makes it easy for you to find high-margin products in almost every niche. Plus, their search function is distinguished for suppliers and products. 
  • Doba – Similar to SaleHoo, Doba is one of the best Alibaba alternatives for dropshipping. Like Alibaba, they offer a vast marketplace of wholesalers and dropship suppliers, but unlike them, your products won’t be out in the open.

4. Look for domestic dropshipping suppliers

When it comes to finding suppliers with fast shipment, there is no better option than domestically located dropshipping suppliers. You can work with a local wholesale supplier that offer drop shipping options like Kole Imports, which is a multi-category wholesale merchandise supplier based in the USA. 

Similarly, you can easily look for independent suppliers selling original products on Etsy. Once you select the product, you can reach out to the supplier via the seller message window, or search on social media or Google search engine for finding it. Etsy dropshipping is one of the recently growing idea among entrepreneurs. 

5. Search on Shopify app marketplace 

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for launching an online dropshipping business. The platform is known for having the best dropshipping suppliers with easy integration directly with Shopify for automated dropshipping. 

That said, a few of the dropshipping suppliers only work as Shopify apps (coffee dropshipping apps, for instance). 

6. Work with a print on demand company 

A print on demand is similar to dropshipping, but you get to fully-customize the design of the product using a free mockup generator. The print on demand dropshipping is more popular than regular dropshipping because of the uniqueness of the products. 

Fuel is a print on demand dropshipping solution that offers products like shirts, mugs, hoodies, posters, phone cases, and hats for a good price. The best part is, you get the flexibility of product customization, and you can create the exact design you want. They offer customized tees for as low as $3.

That said there are many other print on demand companies that offer amazing dropshipping options. 

7. Hire a dropshipping agent 

Lastly you can hire a dropshipping agent for finding the exact type of supplier you are looking for. You just have to submit the details and the agent will help you select a good dropshipping supplier for a price. 

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