It is extremely important for a dropshipping business to not only provide high quality products, but also offer fast shipping. And so you need to create a list of UK dropshipping suppliers that you are going to work with.

To help you with that, I have created a straight-forward guide on all the possible places for finding authentic products from real UK suppliers.

Here are some of the best places for finding UK-specific suppliers:

1. Avasam

Avasam uk

Avasam is #1 platform for finding the best UK based dropshipping suppliers. It allows you to set up an automated eCommerce business with fast shipping. They take care of everything from sourcing a quality product to providing a post-sale support.

They offer a wide variety of product categories with 40% profit margin for most products, leaving a room for free shipping, Facebook ads and other marketing spent. Avasam shows the price of a source product along with a RRP (recommended retail price), so you can estimate the selling price easily.

You can use the listing manager on the admin dashboard for importing products to your store in a few clicks. If you choose standard shipping, the shipment time is £2.99 with 3 to 4 days delivery estimate. If you want a faster shipping (24 hours), you can use expedited shipping for £5.00

With a 4.4/5 rating on online reputation platforms like Trustpilot, Avasam is a great choice for those targeting UK based audience. The only downside of this platform is that Avasam doesn’t accept PayPal. 

Best feature – Automated pricing rules and bulk data import
Unique products – Watches, health/fitness, gardening, camping and cookware
Average shipment time – 3 to 4 days (24hours with expedited shipping)
Price – Free up to 10 products per month & 1 integration

2. Spocket

Spocket dropshipping UK and Europe

Spocket is a dropshipping supplier featuring UK, Europe and USA based suppliers. They have tons of verified suppliers that offer premium quality product with 30% to 40% profit margin on most of the items.

You will have to select the supplier countries as UK in Filters section proximal to the search bar on admin panel. Once you do that, there will be tons of UK products to choose from.This platform shows listing cost and retail price separately, so you can easily rate products and sell them in your store.

Spocket based suppliers will fulfill it when the order arrives via your storefront. There will be an additional shipping fee of $2 to $5 for the UK. But do know that there will be a VAT.

Best feature – Automated drop-shipping platform
Unique products – Bags & wallets, footwear, jewelry, watches, tech accessories and more
Average shipment time – 1 to 3 business days
Price – $24 per month

Similarly you can use other dropshipping platforms for finding suppliers located in United Kingdom. Just don’t forget to set United Kingdom under “ships from” filter. If you don’t find niche products on above, you can view more items on Modalyst, Syncee or DropCommerce.

3. Printify

Printify UK

Printify is a print on demand dropshipping platform that connects online stores with print providers from across the globe. They provide a free mockup generator that you can use for designing your products. You can then choose from multiple print providers based in the UK (this gives you multiple options for pricing and variations). 

They offer fulfillment facilities in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. With more than 300+ unique products, Printify is a good option for UK dropshipping stores.

Getting started is free, but you can opt for their premium plan costing $29 per month and get a 20% discount on all products.

Best feature – Beginner friendly mockup generator
Unique products – T shirts, Hoodies, Bags, Mugs, Shoes
Average shipment time – 3 to 4 business days
Price – Free

4. Printful

Printful dropshipping supplier uk

Printful is the most popular print on demand supplier in Europe and other countries. They almost ready to launch their new fulfillment center in UK. For now they are shipping most of the UK products from Europe fulfillment centers but they are still a great fit for my dropshipping suppliers UK list. 

This POD dropshipper offers high quality custom products. The easy to use mockup generator lets you design the products in a few clicks. You can then sync Printful to your eCommerce store by simply installing the extension (Install Printful app for Shopify or plugin for WooCommerce). They also offer white labeling and branding options, and 20% discount on bulk orders. 

Printful do not charge VAT to those who have a valid UK VAT ID, you’ll be responsible for VAT charges yourself, read this to know how exactly VAT will be charged.

Best feature – Super high quality products
Unique products – Phone cases, custom jewelry, Hats, drinkware, hoodies
Average shipment time – 5 to 10 business days
Price – Free

How to find UK Dropshipping Suppliers –

5. Check UK based dropshipping directories


Online directories offer a collection of verified dropshipping and wholesale suppliers. There are many directories that you can use for finding unique suppliers from United Kingdom. Here are the best picks:

  • eSources UK – eSources UK is a supplier directory with a database of verified dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers. They currenty have 500+ reliable dropshippers. Online reputation platforms like Sitejabber rated eSources 4.97/5 after 151 reviews, proving the effectiveness of this online directory.
  • The Wholesaler UK – It is a great alternate to trade shows. This online directory is more than 20 years old and so the interface is a bit choppy. That said, you can find high profit products. They claim to only link suppliers that already hold stock in UK.
  • SaleHoo – Another popular online directory with a lot of wholesalers and dropshippers from around the globe.

6. Work with an Etsy supplier

This is one of my favorite way to find awesome products. For those who don’t know, Etsy is an online marketplace for selling handcrated products. It brings together people from across the globe to buy and sell vintage items and craft supplies.

But you can also use it for finding individual suppliers. Simply head on to Etsy UK and select United Kingdom as shop location from the filters on the left hand under all categories section.


Next you can either get in touch directly via Etsy message or search on Google for an Instagram account or a website. With that done, all you need to do is discuss the business terms and you are good to go.

7. Search on Shopify app marketplace

Shopify app marketplace is loaded with tons of app integrations for connecting suppliers directly with your Shopify store.


You can sign up for a free 14 days Shopify trial and look for the products by simple installing the Shopify. There are many product sourcing apps like CROV, SupplyMeDirect ad others that you can use for UK based dropshipping.

8. Look for AliExpress suppliers with UK warehouse

Many AliExpress suppliers offer worldwide warehousing for faster shipping. But since BREXIT, you’d have to pay the UK tax on the products. This means it will potentially cost you 20% or more on product cost.

Also, in this case (just like Spocket) you might be paying double tax. However, you can reclaim the supplier VAT with UK authority when filing your VAT tax return. Here’s the process for AliExpress UK:

AliExpress has a lot of dropshipping suppliers, but you need to follow the right process to find the verified, reliable suppliers. AliExpress dropshipping is good for selling trendy products, but you have to do the vetting first. 

  • Select products using Oberlo – Once you set up your online store, use a product sourcing app like Oberlo for finding trending products in your niche. 
  • Find products with UK based warehouses – Most of the AliExpress suppliers use global warehouses at multiple locations, so the products can be shipped quickly. You can simply search AliExpress “UK warehouse” on Google and it will show you some of the best options.
  • Use DSers – DSers is a dropshipping automation app that lets you select the cheapest supplier with good ratings. It will take care of product mapping, that is sending the order from the nearest warehouse based on the set rules, and select an alternate supplier for your product, if the first one is unavailable. 

9. Use wholesale suppliers along with warehousing and fulfillment service

Note – Make sure to check the most recent UK tax rules as per official website.

If you can invest a little and have a specific product category in mind, you can work with wholesale suppliers. This means you will have a good profit margin even after taxation.

Just make sure that the wholesale suppliers you are going to work with is verified. You can order from wholesale suppliers with low MOQ and store your products in a UK based warehousing & fulfillment service.

This will not only give you a flexibility to get supplier from anywhere around the globe, but also let you ship the products quickly to your customers.

10. Look for Niche suppliers

Another way to get a UK dropshipper is by selecting a direct supplier with niche products. The best way to find a supplier in your niche is using the Google search operators. Simply enter “YOUR NICHE dropshipping suppliers UK” with inverted commas and don’t forget to replace YOUR NICHE with the category in which you are looking to sell. Some of the niche suppliers are –

  • Prodigi – Prodigi is a dropshipping company located in the United Kingdom. They offer a wide variety of products.
  • Inkthreadable – The UK based company offers dropshipping, but it is not the best option for dropshipping items other than basic products like t-shirts.  
  • Limini Coffee – The UK based coffee dropshipper and wholesaler for those looking for a private label coffee supplier
  • The Paws – It is good for those interested in selling pet products. 

How to find the best dropshipping suppliers in UK?

Finding the UK dropshipping suppliers is important for ensuring both the product quality as well as fast shipment. These are the two main pillars for running a successful dropshipping store. 

In addition to above, you can select a supplier from Amazon UK and partner-up with them for sourcing products. Lastly if you find a really good supplier, but its not located in the UK, simply use a UK based warehousing and fulfillment service. These services will store the products at a minimal charge and fulfill it for you when the order arrives. 

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