Finding “the-best” jewelry dropshippers or suppliers is really important for making your eCommerce business successful. A good quality jewelry supplier will not only help you provide a better customer experience, but also let you focus your efforts on scaling your business.

To help you find some good options, I have handpicked some of the best jewelry dropshippers and wholesalers. Let’s begin!

Things to consider when selecting a jewelry supplier

A jewelry business is something that offer a uniform trend for past 5 years. This means it is one of the best niche when it comes to dropshipping. You can actually build a brand and get a long term success, but there are a few quick things to consider when selecting jewelry dropshippers.

dropshipping trends
  • Location of the warehouse – Try to select a jewelry dropshipper closed to target market this will allow you to ship your products faster. You can also use a warehousing service.
  • Shipment/delivery time – Faster delivery is important, if you have overseas jewelry dropship supplier, you can use a warehouse & fulfillment service.
  • Minimum order quantity – If you want to use a wholesale jewelry supplier for dropshipping, make sure they allow orders for smaller number.
  • Subscription – Usually most of the jewelry dropshippers follow subscription based business model. This means you’d have to pay a small subscription fee for dropshipping their products.
  • Online reputation – Check ratings and reviews to know your supplier better.
  • Product quality – High quality products are important for becoming a popular brand.
  • Refund/return policy – Though it goes without saying, checking their refund policy is something you should check before placing your order.

Best Jewelry Dropshippers

These are the best jewelry dropshipping suppliers for automated dropshipping. You just need to setup the account, and design/import products in a few clicks. Fulfillment is automated.

1. Spocket


First awesome option for high quality, unique jewelry dropshipping suppliers is Spocket. It is a platform with jewelry dropshippers from the USA and Europe.

Spocket is good for those who are looking for high quality domestic or international suppliers. 

Spocket algorithm even marks trending products for you. And though they offer a paid plan for unlocking products, it is worth the money (I already did the product testing with a free trial). 

There is nearly 30% to 60% margin on every product, leaving you with a lot of room for profit margin. Spocket system offers automated dropshipping with advanced options like one click import and branded invoicing. Their shipping time depends on supplier location, for instance a USA based jewelry dropshipper will generally fulfill your product in 2 to 3 days.

Shipment: Worldwide 
Price: $24 per month (free 14 days trial available)

2. Printful


Printful is a great print on demand dropshipping option for those who are looking for custom jewelry dropshippers. The custom engraved jewelry supplier offers bracelets, necklaces and earrings. For each product they have multiple design variations, size options and colors.

My favorite feature about Printful jewelry dropshipping is – the beginner friendly mockup generator. You can easily create your jewelry design and import it to your online store in a few clicks. Plus they offer a 20% sample discount and 30% bulk discount. 

With six different warehouse locations in the US, Canada and Europe, they easily dropship within 3 to 5 days. Printful also offer warehousing and fulfillment service (in addition to custom engraved jewelry dropshipping), so you can store your products in a warehouse nearby your supplier, allowing you to offer faster shipping. 

Printful integrates with all of the top eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces.

Shipment: Worldwide 
Price: Free

3. My Online Fashion Store


CC Wholesale Clothing is originally a clothing dropshipper, but they also offer a unique jewelry collection. You can use their Shopify app named  – My Online Fashion Store – for easily integrating their wholesale site to your online store.  

You can import product details in one click and automate the dropshipping using their app. Talking about the products, they offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and sets. All of the jewelry products are beautiful and profitable.

Shipment: Worldwide 
Price: $29 per month

4. Kole Imports & Closeouts

Kole Imports

Kole Imports was originally a wholesale merchandise for small businesses, but a while ago they launched their dropshipping portal too.

With over 20 years of experience, this USA based supplier is a perfect option for finding products in jewelry and other niche. Only downside is that you’d have to do things manually since they don’t have an automation app.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: Free

5. BrandsGateway


BrandGateway is a luxury jewelry dropshipping platform with over 100+ brands. It is good for those who are planning to start a branded jewelry store and resell products from big brands. 

Although customization is not possible they make up for it with a reliable automated dropship system and the best-in-class jewelry brands. BrandsGateway has independent ventures in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Italy, Germany, United States and North Macedonia and delivers to 170+ countries around the world.

They only offer super high quality brands and so their subscription is a little expensive. 

Usually it takes BrandsGateway 24-48 hours to dispatch the product + 3-5 business days within Europe, or 5-7 business days outside Europe. With features like real time inventory sync and automated order placement, BrandsGateway is the best option for branded jewelry dropshipping. They integrate with both Shopify as well as WooCommerce.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: $357 per month

6. J Goodin

jgoodin wholesale

J Goodin is a premium wholesale jewelry dropshipper for rings, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants & necklaces, bath bombs and more. In addition to a wide variety of products, you will also get higher profits. 

They claim to pack all their dropship orders in quality jewelry boxes for  better customer experience. J Goodin also provides an XML feed that is updated twice a day and keeps the online stores updated on inventory.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: $15 per month

7. PierceBody


With over 4.3 out of 5 ratings on Trustpilot, PierceBody definitely stands out when it comes to trustworthy jewelry wholesale suppliers as well as retailers & dropshippers. They sell voguish wholesale and retail body piercings at factory prices. They have been the top wholesale jewelry suppliers in the body piercing market for around 10 years. 

Piercebody offers two ways to place dropship orders, one is that you place an order from their retail section, so while the prices will be slightly higher than wholesale, you can place orders for even a single item.

And while direct dropshipping is not available, they do offer an option to manually place dropship orders. You just need to mention the word “DROPSHIP” in the notes/comments while placing an order on the retail catalog. 

For placing a dropshipping order through the wholesale section of PierceBody, you need to place an order that bills more than $200. Their warehouses are located in Thailand, USA and UK.

Shipment: Worldwide (free shipping on orders above $25)
Price: Free

8. FashionTIY

fashiontiy jewelry dropshipper

FashionTIY is a wholesale supplier for high-quality fashion jewelry. They provide 70% cheaper products and require no minimum order quantity. Their inventory has over 100,000 unique products at competitive prices.

For dropshipping with FashionTIY at wholesale pricing, you just have to mention it along with order placement –

When you place an order in FashionTIY, here is a remark you can input before paying for it. Just input “Drop Shipping + Your Company Name” and they will do those things for you when processing your order. They will even make sure that all the mentions of FashionTIY are removed from your order. The refund policy is valid for 30 days. You can check their shipping price here.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: Free

9. Queen Bee Of Beverly Hills

queen bee jewelry dropshipping

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills is originally a handbag store, but they also offer jewelry products- rings and bracelets. Their jewelry catalog is limited and offers selected branded products.

What you will see on their site is retail pricing, for wholesale pricing you can do one of the two things, either place bulk orders and enjoy wholesale rates (70% off their price), or sign up for their monthly dropshipping subscription and get access to wholesale jewelry catalog.  

If you want to dropship with them, you’d have to sign up for their monthly subscription at $69 per month or $498 per year. They have products from premium designer brands like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and more.

All orders are shipped via their shipping department warehouse, and holding in the U.S. Flat-rate shipping charge for packages shipped within the United States is $15, and packages shipped Internationally costs $35. Delivery in the US takes 2-4 days and international delivery takes 6-10 days, depending upon the delivery method.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: $69 per month

10. Karelian Heritage

karelianheritage wholesale and dropshipping for jewelry

Karelian Heritage is a Russian company based in Karelia who specialise in Shungite items. Shungite is widely used in various fields including metallurgical and chemical industries, agriculture, medicine, and spirituality. The stone is known for its healing properties. 

KH is both a jewelry dropshipper and a wholesale supplier. All orders need to be placed manually and they will ship the products under your brand name. While the wholesale orders require you to purchase $200+ worth of items, they don’t publicly disclose their dropshipping fee. You’d have to reach out to them to know about wholesale jewelry drop shipping fees.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: Free

11. Silver Stars Collection

silver stars wholesale jewelry supplier

Silver Star Collection are specialists in providing wholesale silver jewelry and offer over 3000 unique designs. They are one of the top wholesale jewelry providers and offer great volume discounts on their products. 

You can either sign in for their wholesale account or sign up for their dropshipping account. The purchasers can download their dropshipping application form here and send it via email or fax. You will be updated about the specifics within one week.

Overnight shipping and flat rate shipping is available in the United states.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: N/A

Other Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers for dropshipping

The following only offer wholesale orders but they let you purchase a small MOQ.

12. House of Jewellery

House Of Jewellery is one of the best wholesale jewelry suppliers for sterling silver, karat gold, and diamond products. While they do not offer dropship, if you are planning to hold a small inventory at your location, or at a warehousing service, you can definitely check them out. 

In order to work with this jewelry wholesaler, you’d have to provide the appropriate business registration documents and sign up for an account. The minimum order quantity price is $150 Canadian plus applicable taxes. You will see real-time inventory on the wholesale account dashboard. Payments can be done via credit cards, wire transfers or company cheque (upon approved credit terms).

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: Free

13. Thistle Glass

Thistle Glass is a wholesale jewelry supplier with handcrafted wearable products. Their products are designed by glass (some of them are even made with recycled glass). What makes them unique is the amazing designs that they come up with. The artist behind this glass jewelry wholesaler is Michelle Copeland, who has been designing glass art since 1991. 

They provide wholesale delivery usually at USPS rates. Further details and pricing of all products are to be disclosed upon request. You will have to fill out their wholesaler application form for getting started.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: Free

14. Silvexcraft

With a presence in 139 countries and over 9,200 products, Silvexcraft is definitely one of the best jewelry wholesale suppliers for beads & stones. They usually offer the products in a package of x items worldwide. They also offer wholesale custom jewelry designs and pricing for all products is available on store.

Shipment: Worldwide
Price: Free

Which is the best jewelry dropshipper?

Finding the best fit for your jewelry store depends on a lot of factors including the level of customization, pricing, type of products and shipment location. But if I had to choose top three, I’d say Printful, Spocket and BrandsGateway are the best picks.

Now that you know where to find your supplier, its time to setup your online boutique and make money selling jewelry. Should you want to find out more dropshippers, you can use online directories like SaleHoo.

Alternatively, you can also work with private label jewelry manufacturers for building your brand reputation.

Should you need a private label jewelery dropshipping store, feel free to reach us on [email protected]

Get a private labeled jewelry store

Should you want help with setting up and launching your jewelry store, feel free to reach us out. I offer custom store building service.

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