When looking for print on demand options in the UAE, the work can get tricky. That is because most suppliers ship from other locations, and domestic suppliers are limited, increasing the delivery time and affecting customer satisfaction. 

Plus, as an online store, you need to consider things like reliability, profit margin, and so on.

To help you choose a good on-demand printing company located in the UAE, we have tested and compiled a list of top options. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Merchful (or InkMash)


The first on our list is a fully functional Dubai-based print-on-demand solution that offers a variety of product categories, including apparel, accessories (mugs, bags, coasters, phone grips), home & living, etc. 

Now, back to the review. Merchful doesn’t have its own mockup generator but redirects you to “Smartmockups,” meaning you have to create the design with third-party software. However, the domestically located warehousing and fast fulfillment system more than make up for it. Most of the products are shipped within 2-4 days, and after that, delivery takes 1-2 days for UAE, 3-4 days for GCC, 3-6 days for the Middle East, and 4-8 working days for other regions around the globe.

For returns, they offer a 1-week window from the date of placing the order. Refunds are only for products that are flawed, have printing defects, or are inaccurate. 

Overall, this is a pretty good option for print on demand UAE business.

2. Prodigi 

prodigi print on demand

Prodigi is a UK-based print on demand company, but they do have a global printing network in multiple countries. They have a relatively more comprehensive range of products (because of multiple printing methods) and offer free mockup generators. However, you have to check on the delivery time based on your target location. Prodigi also easily integrates with top dropshipping platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. Alternatively, you can place orders manually and import product details with a CSV importer. 

3. Printful


Printful is a popular print on demand dropshipping solution with fulfillment centers worldwide. Though their shipping time for UAE is 10-20 days, you can still choose this option for adding side products to your catalog. Alternatively, you can opt for a warehousing and fulfillment service for faster delivery. 

Additionally, they easily integrate with all the online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, and more. You can easily create a design with a free mockup generator or use their paid design service. 

4. Spocket 


Spocket was originally a dropshipping platform primarily focused on the USA and Europe, but they are open to suppliers from almost anywhere in the world. 

You can easily find domestic suppliers from anywhere in the UAE. Alternatively, you can choose an overseas supplier that offers fast shipping to the UAE. Spocket marks the retail and original price for each product, so you can see they offer a good 30-40% profit margin. 

They offer personalized or print on demand dropshipping items that you can tailor to your customer needs. 

Spocket easily integrates with most eCommerce platforms. You can opt for a free trial to check the available dropshipping products. 

5. Print Online 

print online

Last on my list of best print on demand UAE suppliers is Print Online. It is a Dubai-based dropshipping company that offers the most unique items to sell online. Unlike most suppliers, they are open to both D2C AND B2B, so you have to choose specific products. However, they do every customization manually, so the refund option is unavailable for those. 

On the bright side, they deliver the products in as little as one day. 

Other places to find Print on demand UAE products – 

  • Online directories – If you do not find the product you are looking for, you can check out online directories like SaleHoo. They feature pre-verified manufacturers, print providers, dropshippers, and other types of suppliers. 
  • Niche-specific search – If you are looking for category-specific products, you can simply use Google search operators like “clothing dropshippers in UAE”. Make sure to include inverted commas around your search. You can also reach out directly to the manufacturers and discuss options. 
  • Shopify apps – Many Shopify apps are primarily created by dropshipping and print on demand companies. You can integrate them after setting up a store. But you will have to check the delivery time. 
  • Warehousing and fulfillment center – Some companies in UAE provide warehousing services. You can work with a manufacturer with a low minimum order quantity. Next, get them shipped to this warehousing location. You can then quickly deliver the product as and when the order arrives. Most companies cover the fulfillment part, too. 

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