Are you searching for a “dropshipping suppliers USA” list that actually helps you find a quality supplier for your business? Then check out my latest list. 

There are a lot of trending products available from multiple platforms, but when it comes to shipping, they usually end up causing the same issues. 

And it is due to the reason that most of the experienced dropshippers prefer domestic suppliers. 

Finding a certified dropshipping supplier can be tricky. To help you with that, I have handpicked and tested some of the best USA dropshipping suppliers in 2022-23. 

But before we get started, here is a quick list of things to consider –

  • Profit margin – Make sure that the supplier you are working with offers a sufficient profit margin. Usually, it is 25% to 30%. 
  • Average shipment time – Make sure that your product offers fast shipment.
  • Online reviews – Always check the supplier reviews before getting started. If possible, place a sample order. 

Now that you know the quick info, let’s begin! 

Should you really start dropshipping in USA?

When it comes to eCommerce, the United States has one of the largest eCommerce expenditures, making it perfect for dropshipping businesses. 

As per statista. United states has a global revenue of $1329.7 billion in 2025 as compared to $872 billion in 2022-23, this is according to different factors, one of which is continuously growing eCommerce sales. 


Additionally, you will get hands on multiple branded suppliers with US-made tags, located domestically. This means higher profit margin and much less shipment cost.  

30 of the Best Dropshipping Suppliers USA

1. Spocket

Spocket usa dropshipping supplier

Spocket is one of the best platforms for finding US dropshippers, where you can get original products directly from USA-based suppliers. It offers high-quality products in almost every niche, and you can use this platform to build a unique brand. 

Most of the items offer a 30% to 40% profit margin, and it provides average retail pricing, so you know how much to charge your customers. Spocket offers automated dropshipping, meaning you will have features like product import by simply installing its extension on your eCommerce store (the product you select will start appearing on your site’s dashboard) and automatic order fulfillment when a customer places an order. 

In addition, it also offers custom branding features in its higher-tier plan, so you can add your brand logo and other stuff for product invoicing and build brand awareness along the way. The only downside is that Spocket does not show the supplier’s inventory. The average shipping time for most USA orders is 1 to 3 days, and the average shipping price is $0 to $3.50. 

Price – $24.99 per month (free 14-day trial)

2. Printful

Printful usa

Printful is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier that lets you customize and design your products. You can use its free mockup generator to create your product design and import the listing directly to your store. 

It offers custom products in multiple niches, including clothing, hats, accessories (jewelry, phone cases, bags), home & living, and more. It has multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers around the globe, one of which is in Charlotte, NC, and another one in Los Angeles, CA, allowing fast order fulfillment. They also have fulfillment centers in other locations means, you can also launch print on demand in Canada, UK, Australia, or other locations.

Talking about product quality, it offers top-notch products. However, some of the products have a high starting price, so you might get a lower profit margin. Shipping price varies based on the product’s specifics, and nearly all of the USA orders take 3 to 7 days for fulfillment time. You will get a 20% discount on a sample order for testing and 30% on bulk orders.

Price – Free  

3. Syncee


Syncee is a B2B platform that features a verified “dropshipping suppliers USA” collection. This app allows you to view dropshipping products or suppliers. For each supplier, they showcase the retailers’ ratings. This will help you select a better supplier. 

It showcases both the original price and the retail price so you can price products accordingly. Most of the suppliers offer 5 to 7 days shipping, and the process is automated. It also showcases the supplier’s description and website URL (similar to SaleHoo). 

Price – Free up to 25 products

4. SaleHoo Directory


SaleHoo is an online dropshipping directory with verified dropshipping suppliers and thousands of products. You’d have to select the filter “ships from” the USA before you start searching products. This platform gives you the option to search for suppliers or products in multiple categories. You can also use its Shopify integration.

Price – $67 (one time fee) 

5. Modalyst


Modalyst is an alternative to Spocket and offers tons of dropshipping products from designer brands to eco-friendly suppliers and private label manufacturers. Once you select the USA in the “ship from” filter, it will showcase products made in the USA.

It integrates with Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce, allowing you to set up automated dropshipping. However, unlike Spocket, Modalyst charges a 5% transaction fee on all pricing tiers. Also, most of the premium brands are missing in the starter plan. But you can find US dropshippers in almost every niche on the Modalyst dashboard. The shipping cost for most products is $5 or more. 

Price – Free up to 25 products

6. Wayfair

Wayfair is an American company that offers around 18 million products in the furniture & home decor niche and has multiple warehouses in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany.

Since it is originally a dropshipping store with many good-quality dropshipping suppliers, it’s a good idea to use Wayfair dropshipping models.

And though the profit margin is less, the high-quality products will more than make up for it. You’d have to do the product research and look for products under the sales category. Alternatively, you can opt for the Wayfair Professional membership that offers new sales every day, commercially rated products, top brands, dedicated industry experts, and complimentary design services.

For Wayfair dropshipping, you can use dropshipping tools like Auto-DS or DSM tool for importing product details to your store. These tools also work with other stores, like Home Depot, Costco, Amazon, Walmart, and other US-based eCommerce marketplaces. Once the order arrives at your store, place the order manually and enter the customer location. 

It charges a $5 shipping fee and ships within 8 business days. Also, make sure you read the Wayfair refund policy. 

Price – Free  

7. Autumn Woods

autmn woods

Autumn Woods is an online retail store that sells products for the home, bar, and office. It offers handcrafted products and dropshipping programs at a lower price. It also provides you with a good profit margin.

For example, one of its products – bolt action pens made with whiskey barrels – is sold in its store for $45 but available to dropshippers for $30. In addition to more than a 30% profit margin, it also offers free shipping within the USA (at the time of writing this post*). So if you want to dropship handcrafted, Made in USA wood products, this option is for you. 

You can either work directly or connect with it on Spocket for automated business. 

Price – Not disclosed 

8. Kole Imports

Kole Imports

Are you looking for USA-made wholesale products with a really high profit margin? Then you will like this pick. 

Kole Imports is a great USA-based, AliExpress alternative with a unique product range and positive online ratings. They mainly offer wholesale merchandise and closeout supplies in different categories including auto supplies, pet supplies, toys, tools, office household and more.

Price – Free 

9. AliExpress + Dsers

AliExpress is originally a non-USA supplier, but if you like AliExpress dropshipping (mainly because of its awesome product collection), you can do it and still provide fast shipping.

For this model to work properly, you need a collection of three dropshipping apps or services –

  • AliExpress – Search for the best suppliers with USA-based warehouses on AliExpress. There are many suppliers that use domestic inventory centers for faster delivery. 
  • Oberlo (NO LONGER ACTIVE) – You can use Oberlo alternatives to handpick the best-selling, trending products. Once you have a list of products, you can search for suppliers with a USA warehouse for each one of them individually (since every product offers multiple suppliers). 
  • Dsers – Dsers is a dropshipping automation app that redirects the order to nearby suppliers based on location and availability. Product mapping will save you from wasting time selecting the right option for fulfilling your order. 

With this done, you are ready to launch your dropshipping store. 

Price – Free

10. Gelato


Gelato is another great print-on-demand dropshipping supplier from the USA. It has worldwide drop-shipping centers for fast fulfillment. For most products, Gelato offers 72-hour delivery. You can use its fully customized service for dropshipping apparel, wall art, mugs, photo books, cards, calendars, notebooks, business stationery, tote bags, and so on. 

Price – Free 

11. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for selling handcrafted items. You can find awesome product collections on Etsy for dropshipping. 

Now there are two ways to dropship your niche products using Etsy as a supplier. The first is to place the order directly and add a note to not add company details. 

The second one (more effective) is to look at the supplier for the product you choose on Etsy. You can view the supplier on the right section of the Etsy product page. Copy the supplier name and search this string on Google between inverted commas (after replacing it with the name of seller) – “seller name” contact. 

Alternatively, you can connect with the seller via their Instagram page and pre-discuss the terms for re-selling their products. 

Price – Free 

12. Dripshipper


Dripshipper is a private label coffee dropshipping supplier. The USA-based coffee is freshly roasted, and most of the domestic orders are fulfilled on the same day. Even then, the average fulfillment time is only 1 to 3 days. You can use its Shopify app for creating custom labeled coffee bags and sell coffee under your brand. 

They have recently launched in UK and Europe as well, making it good for expending your business to other territories.

Price – $30 per month


cc wholesale clothing

My Online Fashion Store is a wholesale dropshipping supplier with a good profit margin on nearly all of its products. It doesn’t offer customization but does offer a trendy, high-quality custom clothing collection. With this supplier, you can start a store similar to Zaful. You can use its app for advanced features like auto-stock updates, easy to add products, etc.

Price – $29 per month (free trial available)

14. Contrado USA


Contrado is an all-in-one place for creatives, dropshippers, and customers. This online marketplace allows the creatives to design products, sell them on the marketplace (they will take care of manufacturing and fulfillment), and earn a fixed margin.

It also offers dropshipping for Shopify stores, so you can easily design and sell your products on an individual basis. With a wide variety of product catalogs and fast shipping, Contrado USA is worth your time.

Price – Free 

15. Blanka

Blanka is for those who want to dropship private label beauty products. You can customize the products and add your brand name. Its products are manufactured in the United States.

You can sell Blanka-branded products with a free plan, but for custom products, you’d have to opt for its paid plan costing $29 per month. 

Price – Free 

16. CustomCat


CustomCat is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier based in Detroit, perfect for entrepreneurs with a growing business. You can find 300+ unique, customizable products in apparel, housewares, and accessories categories. It currently offers DTG, embroidery, and dye sublimation printing.

Price – Free 

17. ParkFlyers

ParkFlyers is a USA supplier for dropshipping RC planes, remote control cars, and related products. You can use this supplier to start a toy dropshipping business.

Once you have a dealer account, you can start selling products. It keeps the wholesale price hidden and doesn’t mention the source name anywhere on your product, so it looks like the item is coming directly from your store. 

You’d have to place the order manually, but you can use a third-party supplier integration like Inventory Source for automated dropshipping. 

Price – Free 

18. Smoke Drop

Smoke Drop is a CBD dropshipping platform that offers products like grinders, glassware, and more, shipped directly from their USA warehouse. Most of the items ship within 1 to 2 business days. You can use its Shopify app for automated fulfillment, bulk price, and real-time inventory sync.

Price – $99.99/month (7 days trial)

19. Dropship Beauty 

Dropship Beauty is a Georgia-based dropshipper that sells hair extensions, 3D lashes, and other beauty niche products. It is a direct supplier and takes care of everything from product creation to fulfillment.

Price – Free 

20. US Direct

US Direct is a supplier directory that offers trusted products from high-quality suppliers with fast delivery in the USA. If you want to find very specific, unique products that are also reliable, then you can use its directory. Currently, it only integrates with Shopify.

You can find leading products in various niches from strictly USA suppliers. Some of its supplier categories are for camping & outdoors supplies, clothing apparel, home & grocery, pet supplies, and beauty & fragrance. 

Price – Free

21. Kids Blanks 

If you want to start a kids’ clothing boutique with a USA-based dropshipping program, Kids Blanks is the one. It has products available in the baby, toddler, & youth clothing niche. The USA-based wholesale supplier integrates with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, and Amazon.

In order to join, you can sign up for its dropshipping program with no upfront cost. The delivery window is 1 to 2 business days.

Price – Free

22. Fiverr

Should you want to sell digital products or services, then Fiverr is the perfect supplier source. 

A great business model that is growing quickly (similar to dropshipping) is drop servicing, where you sell services directly from creators to customers without having to develop the required skills. 

If you want to sell services online, you can source them from Fiverr for a low price and resell them at a profit. 

Price – Free

23. Shapeways 

Shapeways is a popular USA-based 3D printing company that launched its Shopify dropshipping app a while back. You can use the Shapeways app to dropship. Once you create a custom design and choose the material, it will create the 3D product and fulfill the order for you. You need to have a Shapeways-approved account in order to dropship with it.

Price – Free

24. Whitney Bros 

Whitney Brothers is a furniture dropshipping supplier based in the USA. They offer products for specific age groups – infant, toddler, and more. Their dropshipping form isn’t publicly available, so you’d have to get in touch with them before becoming an authorized reseller.

Price – Free

Other options you might like –

25. Limo USA – They sell tricycles, bicycles, balance bikes, and accessories for kids.

26. Jack Franklin – Dropships unique ties from USA suppliers. 

27. Candle Builders – Sell print on demand candles.

Which is the best dropshipping supplier in the USA?

Finding the best USA dropshipping suppliers can be tricky since it depends on your niche, product needs, and profitability. You can start with any dropship suppliers. Just make sure that you check their online reputation. 

If you are looking for a specific product, try reaching out to manufacturers for that particular product, some of them have a really low MOQ.

You can also use a USA-based warehouse and fulfillment service for dropshipping the order when it arrives. It is good for those who opts UK, Canada, India, or other non-domestic suppliers.

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