Looking for an easy guide to choose the best eCommerce dropshipping website builder for small business? If so, then you’ve landed on the right page. 

Finding the perfect eCommerce builder for your website is important, but you cannot possibly test out all the website builders for small business available in the marketplace by yourself. With that sentiment in mind, I have taken the time to do it for you by funneling out and testing some of the most popular and unique eCommerce builders in the marketplace. 

Most eCommerce platforms have similar functionalities, so I tried to cover the most unique options available in the marketplace.

Do know that all of the eCommerce site builders for small business on this page are fully responsive and have the ability to connect domains from a third-party registrar.

1. WooCommerce + Elementor


WooCommerce is the #1 eCommerce plugin for adding eCommerce functionality to the WordPress website. You can then install the Elementor page builder (more specifically, a theme builder) on WordPress to get full control over your online store design. You can change any element on your site, as well as decide the view from different interfaces. 

Special features 

Elementor has a lot of features, and when integrated with WordPress WooCommerce it makes it easy to add eCommerce-specific functionalities. 

Complete flexibility to design and optimize your store

Elementor WooCommerce builder

Elementor offers complete flexibility to design your store. You can easily add animation effects and other graphics using this page builder. With WooCommerce builder, the user can create a smooth and swift shopping experience for their customer. Use a stripped theme like Hello to design your store from scratch. 

Whether you want to add a minimalistic design to your product catalog or create a modern landing page, do it all by simply using drag and drop without hiring expensive developers. 

In addition to that, you will get the flexibility to use the fastest WooCommerce hosting. This not only gives you a chance to boost your speed but also to have full control over your store with your hosting account. 

Multiple widgets and showcase elements 

Elementor is packed with every possible widget your product page would require. In addition to that, you will be able to customize product showcase elements. For instance, you can create a custom add to cart button or add breadcrumbs for easier navigation.

Beautiful eCommerce templates 

Elementor best eCommere website builder templates

You can use a lightweight WordPress theme and import attractive WooCommerce templates directly from the Elementor library. You can use it for both multi-purpose and niche-specific eCommerce stores. 

I’d say that quality-wise the templates are stunning, but quantity-wise they are limited eCommerce templates and you will most probably have to start from a clean slate. You can, however, buy a WooCommerce template or a WooCommerce theme and customize it with Elementor. 

Easy to add functionality tweaks 

My favorite feature about this WooCommerce builder is the dynamic functionality backed by the free plugins from the WordPress repository. You can do everything from optimizing your store for performance, to connecting it to a dropshipping partner by using free WordPress plugins. For example, you can use plugins like Optimole, WP Cache, and Cloudflare to speed up your web store instantly or install the Printful plugin for setting up a print on demand business model.  Another great functionality offered by Elementor is that you can localize it to any language you like.

Disadvantages of WooCommerce builders? 

  • Some third-party WordPress plugins have compatibility issues with Elementor.
  • You’d have to manage the store and hosting from different admin panels from different servers.
  • Dropshipping service will require additional outlay. 

Ease of usage

Elementor is very beginner-friendly. During the entire testing process, there were no lags or glitches while creating an eCommerce store. 

WordPress WooCommerce and Elementor don’t have huge learning curves, but it will take you some time to set everything up. First, you’d need to create a website with WordPress and then install a lightweight theme. Then you’d need to add Elementor and the WooCommerce plugin to be able to start building your eCommerce store. 

Price and transaction fees

WooCommerce best ecommerce website builder fees

WooCommerce builder is fairly cost-effective. You can buy the Elementor Pro for $49 per year for a single site, but you’d also need to buy a domain name costing around $8.68 per year and $2.75 per month. This means your monthly cost will be ~ $8 per month, which is an amazing price for an eCommerce builder like this. 

2. Shopify

Shopify best ecommerce website builder

Next in our list of best eCommerce website builders for small business is the Shopify website builder. Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution for those who want to have the flexibility to choose their business model (print on demand, dropshipping, inventory, etc.) and premium class support. For example, Oberlo, a Shopify app, integrates closely with your store, giving you the ability to dropship around the world. 

Special features

Shopify is more about equipping the store owner with all the tools their team would need. In addition to its features, they continuously post success stories and case studies to help you generate good revenue. 

Beginner-friendly interface 

You don’t have to learn things like product listing, theme customization, or adding meta descriptions on Shopify. Managing Shopify is really simple. You can easily add a new product page and optimize it for SEO, all thanks to a simplistic backend. 

You can access additional pages like keyboard shortcuts easily via the dropdown on the upper right corner. These shortcuts will help you smooth out the user experience as a store owner. Multiple combinations will help you navigate throughout the admin panel and perform certain tasks. 

Premium class support and expert marketplace 

I found most of the stuff around getting started and running an eCommerce store via the documentation, video tutorials, and community forums. But if you have an issue, you can get quick help via chat support. I’d say their chat support takes up only a few minutes to resolve the issue (tested during the Corona pandemic). You can also use their email support for fixing an error.   

Vibrant eCommerce-specific apps 

Three out of four options in this list have their own app store for adding various functionality tweaks. However, Shopify offers the most versatile app marketplace. Useful apps are available for managing your eCommerce, covering everything from design to marketing. 

Free stock images and online business tools 


Unlike WordPress, Shopify has its own gallery for adding high-quality stock images to your landing pages. You can go to Shopify Burst and select eye-catching pictures for your store design. You will also get hands on free eCommerce tools like business name generator, slogan maker, barcode reader and more.

Disadvantages of the Shopify builder? 

  • Limited customizability options for blog posts. 
  • You won’t have the flexibility to choose your own hosting service. 
  • Shopify Payments (gateway) is unavailable in some regions, and you’d need to use an alternate payment gateway. 

Ease of usage

When it comes to using it, I’d say Shopify is easier to use than WooCommerce builder. Shopify builder makes it easy to control the store. It doesn’t provide you with the flexibility of hosting, but it still manages to offer a smooth and simple builder.

Price and transaction fees

Shopify transaction fees for best ecommerce website builders

Shopify offers multiple scalable plans based on your website needs. The pricing plans start with:

  • Basic Shopify – $29 per month
  • Shopify – $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299 per month

As you move towards a higher tier plan, you will get more staff accounts, better shipping discounts, a lower credit card fee, and advanced features. If you want to create an enterprise-level eCommerce store, you can select Shopify Plus.

3. Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerce builder

When it comes to building a professional eCommerce website, Wix is a name you can’t miss out on. It allows the user to create HTML5 sites with simple drag and drop. You can select whether you want to create a niche store with AI and customize it or build one with pre-made templates.

Special features

Wix has some developer friendly features and some smart AI additions to improve your eCommerce building experience.

Auto build site with Wix ADI


Wix ADI is an AI-based algorithm for designing a beautiful eCommerce store on autopilot. All you need to do is select a few options and it will then set up a fully functional store. You can even create a store for selling CBD items using Wix.

Create an engaging experience with Wix Corvid

Another thing that makes Wix stand out is Wix Corvid for web development. You can use it to create an awesome visual front end design. Add hassle-free code and generate custom interaction in your store. 

Stunning eCommerce storefront templates

Wix best eCommerce website builder

Packed with 21+ beautiful eCommerce templates, this option is like eye-candy for those who love free templates. Elementor has good eCommerce templates too, but they are limited, and you’d have to buy a premium template from another marketplace. Wix, on the other hand, has all the templates available under one roof. 

Disadvantages of Wix eCommerce?

Wix is good for DIY store owners and growing eCommerce stores, but as an enterprise eCommerce, it’s not the best option. 

  • Wix has limitations when it comes to technical SEO like managing crawlability budget.
  • The Wix payment gateway is prohibited in more countries than Shopify.
  • The app marketplace has a lot of apps, but they are still limited. 

Ease of usage

Wix ADI is amazing, especially when you don’t want to create an online boutique from scratch.


Wix transaction best ecommerce website builder

Wix eCommerce plan starts at $27 per month. 

eCommerce website buildersWooCommerce BuilderShopify BuilderWix eCommerce
Standout features
Hosting flexibility, customizable functionality
Complete eCommerce solution, beginner friendly, free business tools Wix ADI, Wix Corvid, beautiful store templates
Best for Wholesaleb2b, inventory Dropshipping, print-on-demand, inventory and enterprise models Print on demand or warehouse storage
$8 per month (with SiteGround)$29 per month$23 per month
Free custom domain NoNoYes
SupportHosting support (live chat, email, phone call), WooCommerce support (email or ticket) and WordPress community forums24/7 live chat, email, support ticket, community forums, help centerRound the clock support options- support ticket, request call back, live chat or knowledge base
Payment Gateways

100+50+ options just for US
Apps/eCommerce plugins
1000+ eCommerce specific plugins 4000+ apps300+ apps
Live websites
~10,000 visitors per monthUnlimitedUnlimited

How to choose best eCommerce website builders for small business?

It really depends on the features you’d want in your eCommerce store. For instance, if you want complete design flexibility, go ahead with Elementor. For dropshipping-related features, Shopify is the best option. If you want a budget-friendly option, try Zyro. 

Once you have choose from one of the best eCommerce website builders for small business, don’t forget to create awesome marketing strategy.

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