Are you looking for the best enterprise eCommerce platforms? Then you are on the right page! 

With the eCommerce marketplace saturating quickly and online retail revenue growing to millions, it is essential to level up your eCommerce game. 

Enterprise eCommerce platforms are advanced, more scalable solutions. Think of them as something that equips you with superb dynamic functionality, integration flexibility, and a modern market toolset. 

I have handpicked and tested six options (based on my experience and market research), and I will present them to you here. Let’s begin. 

Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms in 2022-23

1. Shopify Plus

Shopify plus alternatives

Shopify is the eCommerce industry giant mainly because of the 360 degree eCommerce solution it offers to the customers. And Shopify Plus is no less. It;s an enterprise eCommerce platform with focus on scalability features and ample customization on a budget.

Custom API for easy integration and scalability featuresLimited modification room for payment gateway
99.99% uptime and conversion-optimized checkout experience
Available for 5 unique categories

Standout features 

  • Faster, secure, and optimized for performance
  • Currently hosting 29k+ enterprise businesses 
  • Create region-optimized multilingual pages for geo-targeting
  • Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and Shopify Scripts for eCommerce automation
  • Set up separate B2C AND B2B (with D2C-like experience) channels
  • 77+ Certified apps for improving ease of usage, 3D modeling, NetSuite integration, and more.  
  • Custom API for heavy integration (like NetSuite CRM)
  • Build a custom storefront with Plus SDKs
  • Dedicated launch manager and success manager


Shopify Plus pricing starts at $2,000 per year. You can find out more about their custom plans via a quick chat

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2. BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce for enterprise

BigCommerce is a platform that’s outbeat the best eCommerce enterprise platforms when it comes to international eCommerce. While you might find their plan a bit more expensive, the scalability features are worth it. 

An abundance of storefront customization and quick onboardingExpensive BigCommerce themes
99.98% uptime and high conversion ratesAdditional fees for successful customers
Built-in functionalities instead of third-party apps

Standout features 

  • BigCommerce claims a 99.5% retention rate
  • Single tool for localization, storefront customization, and global eCommerce
  • Built-in features for adding complex core functionalities
  • It can handle large, complex catalogs with 600+ variant SKUs and 250 option values
  • Auto schedule discounts without complex coding
  • Advanced product filtering using BigCommerce-native faceted search
  • It offers scalable features and fast performance
  • ShipperHQ integration for structuring product details, destinations, and dimensions


BigCommerce offers a free trial (recently activated on all plans during the Coronavirus crisis). Their plan begins at about $400 per month and can go up to $18,000 per month.

3. Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce best enterprise eCommerce solutions

Magento Commerce is the third most popular eCommerce platform, which makes it one of the best enterprise eCommerce platforms. 

It is an open-source, self-hosted eCommerce platform. This means you will have both flexibility to choose the hosting with the best performance and a lot of room for customization.

Being open source, Magento Commerce offers great control over integrationsNot the best performance in the eCommerce software marketplace
It is jam-packed with an advanced set of featuresMagento Commerce has a huge learning curve
Magento marketplace to help you with functionality

Standout features 

  • Provides a fully customizable experience using page builder
  • Easily set up product recommendations, customer segmentation & personalization, and more
  • Magento Commerce is used by over 39,625 online stores. 
  • Tailor functionality using Magento PWA studio 
  • Automates your business operations like inventory management, shipping, and customer service
  • Cloud deployment along with high performance and security
  • A Magento marketplace to help you with anything related to your eCommerce business

Some other essential features include mobile Commerce, B2B eCommerce, global expansion, Amazon sales channel, ERP integration, and headless eCommerce.


Magento Commerce software itself will cost you around $1,988 per month, but you’ll also have to buy hosting and a domain. 

4. WooCommerce for Enterprise

WooCommerce for enterprise

WooCommerce is already the #1 choice when it comes to eCommerce stores. But what makes it a good fit for one of the best enterprise eCommerce platforms? Read on to find out. 

The WooCommerce for enterprise offers a lot of room for testing marketing strategies with free WordPress plugins and cost-effective customization (being open-source), as well as being integration-flexibility. While WooCommerce for enterprise cannot compete directly with bigger fish like Magento Commerce or BigCommerce, it does offer free/paid extensions for adding specific functionalities. 

It’s good for those who want to have basic enterprise eCommerce features on a budget and only pay for the enterprise features (extensions) they add.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress pluginFewer features as compared to complete eCommerce solutions like Shopify Plus
You will have a lot of room to test marketing campaignsNo dedicated support team
WooCommerce Enterprise extensions marketplace helps with specific functionality tweaks
WooCommerce themes are cheap and you can use Elementor for redesigning

Standout features 

  • WooCommerce is beginner-friendly and a free plugin  
  • Use Elementor theme builder with WooCommerce for the ability to redesign any element of your eCommerce store 
  • WooCommerce provides great flexibility to build your databases for promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Frequent WordPress updates ensure the overall safety of your business sites
  • WooCommerce offers a lot of extensions for flexible eCommerce
  • Being WordPress-backed, you will have access to free (and useful) plugins for dynamic functionality
  • WooCommerce hosting support, WooCommerce community support, and a knowledge base
  • Complete flexibility to choose a fast eCommerce hosting
  • WooCommerce is optimized for best performance and to go handy with WordPress


WooCommerce is a free plugin for creating eCommerce site based on WordPress CMS. But you’ll have to choose an enterprise hosting ($200 – $500) and domain name ($8 – $12 per year), as well as a WooCommerce business theme ($60 on average). Plus paid addons based on features you’d like.

5. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for enterprise level solution

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) is a cloud-based SaaS eCommerce solution to make B2B business much easier. I’d say it’s a good choice for small and growing businesses. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a truly unified experience and provide you with important details for customer marketingA little complex to set up and use.
Predictive intelligence for improving shopping experienceNot the best customer support
Awesome integrated tools like Chatter (collaboration solution)

Standout features 

  • Salesforce Commerce cloud provides a custom B2B experience
  • Unify the buying experience via multiple touchpoints and create a 360-degree view
  • Optimized for mobile shoppers with features like one-touch payment
  • Create a personalized experience using AI without an expensive data scientist
  • Manage multiple storefronts and optimize for international eCommerce – currency, language, and more
  • Easily integrate with Salesforce CRM for improving business relations


Salesforce Commerce pricing starts at 1% GMV (gross merchandise value).

Which are the best enterprise eCommerce platforms for your business?

Finding the best enterprise eCommerce solution depends on the type of services and features you want. 

  • Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are undoubtedly the best options that are strong in nearly all the tested features. 
  • If you want budget-friendly options and don’t mind not having a dedicated support team, WooCommerce for Enterprise and Magento Commerce are the places to go. 
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a SaaS that is good for growing international eCommerce. 

Still not sure which is the best eCommerce platform for your enterprise business? Feel free to reach out to me at boutiquesetup at 

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