One of the best ways to create a long term semi-automated boutique is by using a private label cosmetics manufacturers that helps you set up a brand in the long run. 

You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get a branded catalog. There are tons of private label cosmetics that offer no minimum orders. 

Whether you are just launching your cosmetics store, or adding additional products to your existing boutique, you will need a reliable supplier. I have handpicked and tested some of the best suppliers – manufacturers, dropshippers and wholesalers. Let’s begin! 

Quick things to consider when selecting private label cosmetics 

  • Product quality – You can use sample ordering to check the quality of your cosmetics supplier, or use online reviews/ratings for this purpose. 
  • MOQ – Most of the private label cosmetics either charge a fixed deposit, or a subscription, or a minimum order value for covering the manufacture cost. 
  • Shipment – Overseas shipment might add custom duty to some countries, so try to find a domestic supplier for your business. 

11 Best Private label Cosmetics Suppliers in 2022

1. Blanka


Blanka is one of the best places to get private label cosmetics. They have multiple products including lipstick, skincare products, eye pencils and more.

All you need to do is pick your products and upload your logo. Blanka products are manufactured in the USA and Canada making it best for domestic dropshippers. In order to private label cosmetics catalog, they also offer no minimum orders, making it a perfect candidate for dropshipping business and growing stores.

You can either place a private label order directly from their site, or use their Shopify app to integrate it with your online store. You can use Blanka labeled products for free, but have to use their premium plan or unlocking custom products.  

Minimum order quantity – 1 unit
Price – $29 per month (for online stores), Custom (direct orders)

2. Amazon Business

Amazon Business Cosmetics

It is a well-known fact that Amazon features a pool of high-quality suppliers in different niche, but many small businesses looking for suppliers are not getting the best out of it.

There are multiple cosmetics brands that sells custom products in beauty niche.

You can sign up on Amazon Business for free and connect with verified cosmetics manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. Using an Amazon Business account will also provide you with a wholesale discount.

Minimum order quantity – 1 unit
Price – Free

3. Hillman Reid

hillmand reid

Hillman Reid is a white label cosmetics dropship and wholesale option on our list. They have locations in both the USA and Canada, but their products are shipped from New York, Toronto allowing them to fulfill orders in 1 to 2 business days.

You can send your custom labels to them and they will create the private labeled products for you. They also offer options like branded packaging, product bundles and even purchase samples.

Hillman Reid have a collection of multiple products like custom lotions, balm, scrub and product bundles mixing 2-3 products.

Minimum order quantity – Disclosed upon request
Price – $4.99 per month

4. viaGlamour

VIAGLAMOUR private label

viaGlamour creates natural cosmetics & skincare geared towards eco-friendly products along with custom packaging. You can use this supplier to launch your own makeup line.

You can not only create white labeled products but also put up custom packages. 

Their products are manufactured in Canada. You can create, design and launch your products in a few minutes. You can also use their Shopify platform for creating an automated branded cosmetics store. Plus that integrates with other sales channels like Etsy.

They offer high quality products like lipsticks, moisturizing creams, shave creams, eye creams, subscription beauty kits and more. They charge $4.99 for the USA, $7.99 for Canada and $9.99 for international shipping.

Minimum order quantity – 1 unit
Price – $99 per month

5. Radical Cosmetics

radical cosmetics white label

Radical Cosmetics is a USA based private label cosmetics manufacturer. They have multiple products including eye cream, face moisturizer, primer and more.

This private label cosmetics manufacturer has its manufacturing facility in Florida. In addition to a wide catalog with 175+ cosmetics products, they also disclose their product ingredients on their official site and allow the entrepreneurs to visit their facility.

Minimum order quantity – order worth $150+
Price – Free for direct orders

6. Rozelle


Rozelle is a USA based private label cosmetic manufacturer that offer branded products with custom packaging. You can also ask for a sample product to verify the quality of your products. Their products include foundations, pressed powders, skin care and related items.

They don’t have a minimum order policy and claim to be certified by CTFA. You can reach out to them to know the specifics about their products.  

Minimum order quantity – 1 unit
Price – disclosed upon request

6. Spocket

Spocket beauty and cosmetics

Spocket is a platform featuring verified, high quality suppliers from USA and Europe. If you want to sell custom cosmetics bags, or re-sell brands with an existing audience base, Spocket is the place to go. 

Plus you can find tons of cosmetics suppliers on this platform and discuss unique custom opportunities for your business. 

Minimum order quantity – 1 unit
Price – $24.99 per month

8. Modern Basics

modern basics

The last pick on my list is one of the most popular private label cosmetics suppliers with multiple customization options. 

Modern Basics is a private label cosmetics supplier with no minimum orders. They use laser printing for putting your logo directly on the products.

For one color printing, they charge $149 (one time fee), $38 (setup charge per order) and $0.30 (per print cost). If you want multi-color print, these charges will change to $199, $67, and $0.50.

With a 7 to 10 days turnaround time. They also offer custom manufacturing for cosmetics stores with specific needs, but that would include a minimum order.

Minimum order quantity – 1 unit
Price – $150+ (depends upon print color)

Other places to find private label cosmetics

9. Etsy – If you like handcrafted private label cosmetics coming from independent suppliers, you can connect with sellers on Etsy. Amazon Business is also a good place for this purpose. 

10. Aurora – The China based supplier offers color cosmetics development, contract manufacturing and custom cosmetics packaging. 

11. SaleHoo – It is an online directory featuring cosmetics wholesalers, dropshippers, and manufacturers. 

How to start an online cosmetics store?

Step-1 Sign up on Shopify

In order to launch your branded cosmetics store, you will need an eCommerce platform. Shopify is currently the best dropshipping eCommerce platform because of its everything-at-one-place interface and ease of usage. Also, most of the suppliers have Shopify apps that help you easily automate your online store.  You can sign up to surf around. 

Step-2 Select a private label cosmetics supplier

Next, select a private label cosmetics supplier. You can checkout the Shopify app marketplace and simply hit the “add app” button. You can then create custom products directly from your Shopify dashboard and fulfill orders automatically once your store is live. 

Step-3 Install theme and launch your store 

Next, select a Shopify theme (you can start with Debut, a free theme). Your Shopify theme is responsible for the design and layout of your eCommerce store. 

With this done, you are ready to sell branded cosmetics online. Use Facebook and Google ads to generate conversion-friendly traffic. 

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