Are you looking for private label jewelry manufacturers? Checkout my best picks. 

Finding a good quality, reliable jewelry manufacturer is important for creating a brandable experience for your own customers. Something as simple as a custom tag could boost the ROI of your business enormously. 

However, it’s quite tricky to choose the right manufacturer. To help you with that, I have handpicked and tested some of the best options in the marketplace. 

Let’s get started. 

Things to consider when selecting a jewelry manufacturer –

  • Product quality – Make sure that your manufacturer offers good quality products. 
  • Customization – Check the degree of customization offered by the manufacturers.
  • MOQ – Minimum order quantity is the x number of units or x worth of products you need to buy for placing a private label order. 
  • Online reputation – Look for online reviews and ratings to verify your jewelry manufacturer. 
  • Shipment – Overseas shipment could add custom charges, so try to use a domestic manufacturer, or check the total cost accurately. 

Best Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers 

1. Printful


Printful is a print on demand jewelry manufacturer. For those who don’t know print on demand is a business model where you just need to design the piece and list it in your store. When the order arrives, your dropshipping supplier will manufacture + fulfill the order for you. 

They offer a beginner friendly, free mockup generator for designing jewelry. Printful is one of the best private label jewelry manufacturers for engraved items – bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 

You can also get a 20% discount on sample order and 30% discount on bulk order.  Printful has multiple fulfillment centers and the jewelry products are fulfilled from two locations – United States and Latvia. Printful also integrates with Shopify, so you can create an automated online jewelry business.  

MOQ – 1 piece
Shipment: Worldwide 

2. Amazon Business

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a free place for finding wholesale jewelry manufacturers and suppliers. They offer additional discounts and fast, easy shipments. You can also look for personalized jewelry on Amazon and use Amazon Business for a discounted price. They even have handmade jewelry sellers.

MOQ – 1 piece
Shipment: Worldwide 

3. Oro Alexander


Oro Alexander is a popular jewelry manufacturer for gold, diamond and colored stone jewelry. You will need a MOQ costing $25,000 for private labeling.

This is a good option for enterprise jewelry businesses who have a large volume of orders, or have deep pockets.

Shipment: Worldwide 
MOQ – Order worth $25,000



SOKO is women-led ethical jewelry manufacturer that connects artisans in Kenya with the global market. They offer wholesale, private labeling and custom manufacturing. The materials they work on are gold, brass, silver, ceramic beads, reclaimed horn & bone and wood.

Shipment: Worldwide 
MOQ – Not disclosed

5. Covet


Covet is another one of the best private label jewelry manufacturers with a bunch of services based on your needs. They also offer wholesale and custom jewelry designs.

The San Francisco based company private labeling, but their products come without additional branding so you can add pack-ins and custom labels on the package and sell under your brand name.

You can also request little tweaks on private label jewelry like length change, metal finish, gemstone color, clasp type and chain style.  

Alternatively, you can go for their custom jewelry creation where they offer jewelry products with specific needs. But you will need a MOQ of at least 25 units for custom design.

MOQ – Order worth $500
Shipment: Worldwide 

6. Kobelli

kobelli jewelry

Kobelli is a popular jewelry company that offer custom designs. They haven’t disclosed much and you’d have to reach out for initial design consultation.

Once your design is final, they will charge you $175 for creating a computer aided design rendering fee. This means you will get a 3d image of your product. They will also offer a wax model for you to further understand jewelry design.

The Los Angeles based company has in-house jewelry creators with years of experience.

MOQ – Not disclosed
Shipment: Worldwide 

7. JGoodin


JGoodin is originally a wholesale supplier and dropshippers for wide range of premium jewelry products.

Being backed by a family owned ICON Jewelry factory in China, they are also able to offer private label manufacturing. Their typical delivery time is between 6 to 8 weeks.

You can also send custom jewelry designs or samples for better precision.

MOQ – Not disclosed
Shipment: Worldwide 

8. Spocket 

Spocke jewelry

Spocket is a platform that features independent brands and suppliers from USA & Europe. The best thing about this place is that you can easily find multiple unique designs and a wide variety of custom jewelry products. 

You can connect with the suppliers on this platform from across the world and buy private label jewelry products without having to invest into a particular type of products. Spocket also easily integrates with top eCommerce platforms, so you can start selling jewelry online without much effort. 

MOQ – 1 piece
Shipment: Worldwide 

9. Contrado


Contrado is originally a print on demand supplier and retailer. They also let designers and creatives to design and sell jewelry on their own platform for a fixed fee.

They offer in-house manufacturing and their bespoke jewelry designs include sterling silver necklace and sterling silver earrings. You can completely customize their blank jewelry using Contrado’s free mockup generator. They also offer bulk discounts.

MOQ – 1 piece
Shipment: Worldwide 

Which is the best private label jewelry manufacturer?

Any of the jewelry manufacturers mentioned above are good for getting started. But it really depends on your product needs and investment. 

Printful is a good option if you don’t want to put a lot of investment and try out multiple jewelry products. Alternatively, Covet is also a great manufacturer if you are okay with custom branding on the outer packaging. 

Should you still not find a jewelry manufacturer, you can get in touch with a wholesale jewelry supplier and discuss your custom needs. 

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