The Shopify name generator is a magic tool for creating killer brand aesthetics. 

Or is it? 

The first thing you need when creating a Shopify store is a compelling name, then a bit of patience to get your first sale (if you are new to it).

While you don’t need to spend the whole day choosing the perfect name for your Shopify store, it does require some thought. 

To help you find the best name for your online store, I have handpicked a list of AI tools to give you a helping hand with Shopify name selection. 

What to consider when looking for a Shopify business name

Before I start telling you how to find the best Shopify business name, I want to give you my most valuable tips for selecting a name. 

Keep your brand name:

  • Short – A shorter name tends to rank better. Try limiting it to 2-3 words.
  • Keyword-oriented – Having a partial keyword in the name of your niche store is good for SEO. For instance, will make sense for a business selling toys. 
  • Creative and unique – You can take inspiration from an existing store, but don’t make a carbon copy. 
  • Remarkable – A brandable name is one that customers remember. 
  • TLD – Some common top-level domains are .com, .org, and .store; new top level domains like .biz look a little spammy. 

Best Shopify name generator options 

Now that you have some quick tips as a basis, let’s get started with the business name generators. All you need to do is enter your query or keyword, and the name generator of your choice will do the rest. 

1. Shopify business name generator

Shopify name generator tool

Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution, and it includes a free business toolset to help you set up with ease. 

It offers an official name generator tool for free. All you have to do is enter your query or keyword string. The Shopify business name generator will automatically create a list of creative names around your keyword. Their name recommendations are limited to two words, so you can create a more remarkable experience for your readers. 

Alternatively, you can check out the Shopify exchange marketplace to get inspiration from existing eCommerce stores with a lot of revenue.  

2. BNG


I’m not sure how their AI works, but their Shopify name generator is really cool.

You can easily get a list of hundreds of eCommerce store names based on your keywords. What’s more, they have filters for industry, result type (words, rhyme), etc. If you are not sure which name will be best for your business, you can mark it as your favorite and create a list of saved ideas.

Their Shopify generator is further accompanied by a name finding guide. After finding a name, you can easily look it up on a Shopify or other alternative name checkers, and start designing your store.

3. BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz for Shopify

BizNameWiz is a unique Shopify Business name generator for those who want to find some phenomenal name ideas and recommendations. This company specializes in branding companies, new startups, products, services, and even slogans.

Their interface is similar to BNG’s, but what makes them unique is the additional branding tips by the BizNameWiz team. Finding a serious name is really easy with BizNameWiz.

4. Bandroot

Brandroot shopify name generator

Brandroot is my favorite Shopify name generator for new business. They offer premium brand names based on the keywords. They have a similar tool called BrandBucket, but the former is more effective.

If you just want inspiration on how premium brand names sound like or want to buy an existing domain name, Brandroot is the best option for you. Plus you can even find one-word names for your Shopify store, which is really great from a remarkability standpoint.

5. Oberlo 

Oberlo Shopify name maker

Oberlo was originally a product sourcing app for Shopify, but due to unspecified reasons their app is no longer available for dropshipping. It provides migration in a few clicks. For each keyword they will give you a list of around 100 names. Their name ideas are usually niche-specific and are handy for dropshipping stores. But they also offer a simplistic Shopify name generator for finding 

6. NameSnack 

NameSnack business generator

NameSnack prides itself on being the #1 business name generator. It is mainly due to the impressive brandable suggestions it offers.

First, you need to enter a keyword for your Shopify name. Then instead of directly showing a suggestion list like the rest of the tools, it asks for the store specifics:

  • Small business
  • Online store
  • Blog
  • Tech startup
  • Mobile app
  • Others

After selecting the online store option, you’ll have to describe your business in 2-3 words. Once that is done, the smart AI machine will create a list of amazing name ideas. Just beside the name ideas, the availability of each name will be shown to help you quickly select your Shopify store name.

7. Hipster Business Name Generator

Hipster logo maker

Hipster is a simple tool for getting stylish and trendy name ideas for your online store. There is a new trend of adding and between two names or words. So, if you’re a couple, you can add your first names and use that for the name of your online store.

This option is good for those who want to have personal branding on their online store and provide  a more human experience. Simply hit the refresh button and this free Shopify name generator will find the perfect name for your business. 

After selection, you can use the ‘Buy that domain name’ button, which will direct you to NameCheap (a domain name provider) for checking availability and registering the name. 

Which is the best shopify name generator for your business 

There are tons of possibilities for naming your Shopify store. You can use any of the above tools and use your imagination to come up with a catchy name.

Here are my top 3 picks:

  1. Shopify free tool – The official business name generator is good for quick inspiration.
  2. NameSnack – Think of it as a free solution for high-quality business names. 
  3. Hipster – If you are starting an online boutique or partnership business, Hipster is a fit.

It’s OK if you still can’t find a name that describes your niche. Just make it remarkable with personal branding (i.e. adding your name). Once you know the name for your Shopify business, its time to check out the free logo makers.

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