Looking to find the best Amazon wholesale suppliers or dropshippers suppliers? then this post if for you.

Dropshipping is financially rewarding. Statista projected that the global industry will reach $476.1 billion by 2026, up from $196.76 billion in 2022, nearly twice its market size in less than five years.

And when it comes to dropshipping on online marketplace like Amazon, it becomes even better – all thanks the pre-built customer base generating million dollars sales.

To help you get started with Amazon dropshipping business and find the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers, we have created a beginner guide. Before we begin with Amazon dropshippers, I have created a quick list for beginners.

FAQs for Beginners

6 Best Amazon dropshipping suppliers

1. Spocket


Spocket is an online dropshipping platform with suppliers from the USA, Europe, and nearly all countries. It offers pre-vetted, high-quality, independent brands located domestically. 

And when it comes to Amazon dropshipping suppliers, it is my no. 1 recommendation. That is because they not only offer unique local suppliers and Etsy artisans but also a high-profit margin. On top of that, you can choose branded invoicing to build up your profile as an eCommerce business. 

They also show the best-selling products and suggest retail and listing prices so you can reasonably price them. Many domestic suppliers have free shipping, and if you want to add products from AliExpress, use it with their free Chrome extension – AliScraper. 

Overall, dropshipping platforms put you one step ahead of the competitors by connecting you with premium suppliers that aren’t out in the open. And you can make a 30% to 40% profit margin on most of their products. 

Feature(s) – Premium dropshipping brands, dedicated customer support
Direct integration – ❌
Price – $24.99 per month 

2. Shopify

shopify for amazon dropshipping suppliers

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for dropshipping that helps you create an online store. Unlike Amazon or Etsy, where you can only sell as a listed seller, Shopify gives you an independent website where you can sell as a proper online business. 

If you are an Amazon seller and want to build your brand, then an independent website under your brand name is a must. 

shopify app marketplace

But what really makes Shopify a good fit as one of the top Amazon dropshipping suppliers is the huge supplier pool in the form of Shopify extensions. Shopify has tons of free dropshipping apps and plugins made by independent suppliers from around the globe. You can use these suppliers for everything, from private labeling to branded dropshipping to Amazon wholesale suppliers.

The only downside is that many apps with unique dropshipping products don’t work independently, meaning you have to create an online store with Shopify. But once you design a Shopify store and add products using these apps, you are good to go. A Shopify-Amazon integration app for importing products from your store to your Amazon seller account will have you ready to go in a few clicks. 

Feature(s) – Direct integration with suppliers, 24/7 customer support
Direct integration – ✅
Price – $1 per month (first 3 months)

3. Printful 

printful with amazon fba

Another excellent way to dropship on Amazon is via the print on demand dropshipping model. As a seller, the company gives you a free mockup generator to design your product. Next, you can import the listing to Amazon.

When your customer places an order, you pay for one product, and Printful will print and ship the product under your brand name.

Once you add and sync your Amazon product with Amazon, you can easily send the designed product to your Amazon storefront.

More importantly, they have warehousing and fulfillment centers worldwide, allowing them to deliver quickly.

The profit margin is slightly less than most of the Amazon dropshippers, but the ability to fully customize your products and quick shipping make up for it.

You can also place sample orders with a 20% discount to test their quality and delivery time. Plus, if you sell in bulk, they offer a wholesale bulk discount as high as 55%, depending on the product. Printful products include print-on-demand jewelry, hoodies, hats, mugs, shoes, canvas, shirts, and much more.

Feature(s) – 230+ fully-customizable products, branded labeling options
Direct integration – ✅
Price – Free

4. Aliexpress + DSers  

dsers and aliexpress for amazon

AliExpress is one of the most popular online marketplaces for dropshipping, and when it comes to Amazon dropshipping, it still passes with flying colors. 

The B2B and B2C catering marketplaces have tons of categories, including home decor, food items, office ware, security, etc. For many products, you will find multiple suppliers. Just make sure the supplier you choose has warehousing in your target location for fast shipment. 

To ensure the supplier’s reliability, I’d recommend using it with a product sourcing app. A good option for this is DSers, a tool that improves dropshipping. 

In addition to finding winning products, managing dropshipping suppliers, and placing 100+ orders in one go, it also offers –

  • Order tracking to see the shipment status
  • Product mapping (to efficiently send products from the nearest warehouse)
  • Multiple shipment options for higher profit

You can use an AliExpress supplier and connect it with DSers for placing orders. You can find tons of dropshipping suppliers for Amazon.

Feature(s) – Unique & trending suppliers, order mapping (with DSers)
Direct integration – ❌
Price – Free

5. Amazon Supplier Database

amazon dropshipping suppliers database

Take advantage of this Amazon selling tool by JungleScout (Amazon keyword research tool). The database contains high-quality manufacturers from around the world. In addition to pre-vetted suppliers, a feature matches up other Amazon products with the supplier and lets you see if the supplier for that product is available.

This is especially helpful for those planning to launch a niche-specific dropshipping business on Amazon.

Feature(s) – Amazon-specific product suppliers
Direct integration – ❌
Price – $49

6. SaleHoo

salehoo amazon dropshipping

SaleHoo is one of the best online directories with verified dropshippers, wholesalers, and liquidators. There are numerous Amazon dropshipping suppliers and very unique products in different categories, including jewelry, technology, fashion, baby gear, automobiles, pet supplies, and much more.

The best feature allows you to search for a product (look for unique, trending products) or search for a supplier (to find out about other suppliers).

Additionally, they also offer a guide for $47 to learn Amazon FBA from scratch, along with live case studies and email support for beginners.

Feature(s) – Unique product suppliers in multiple niches
Direct integration – ❌
Price – $67

Other Amazon dropshipping suppliers you might like

Domestic dropshipping suppliers

In addition to the above you can also work with local dropshipping suppliers for Amazon with warehousing near your target location. This will help with shipment time. 

Shopify apps as suppliers

This is a good option for those who are planning to sell on multiple marketplaces and want an independent website for their brand. 

Shopify is currently offering subscriptions for as low as $1 for the first 3 months. You can get hands on some really unique Shopify based dropshipping suppliers & print on demand apps for Amazon and other sites. 

Niche dropshippers 

If you want to launch a niche-business on Amazon that grows quickly in one particular industry, then you can opt for Amazon dropshipping suppliers in a particular niche. Some of them do provide integrations but for others you might have to place orders manually. 

Print on demand sites 

Creating custom products is good for those who are good at designing or want to create a brand or want full control over the product aesthetics. You can either work with print on demand sites, or sell on other sites that lets you create + sell on their marketplace. There are also niche-specific or country-specific print on demand companies you can work with (for faster shipment). 

Direct manufacturers 

In case you want to sell high-ticket, or want to hold an inventory for selling on Amazon as wholesale bulk; then direct manufacturers would be best.  

Wholesale suppliers 

Lastly, wholesale suppliers offer the highest profit margin. So if you don’t need much customization, then you can sell products from one of these suppliers

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