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One of the best ways for naming your fashion store is by using a boutique business name generator. 

If you are hoping to start an online boutique, the first thing to do is pick a name that is both eye-catching and unique.

Thankfully, you won’t have to do the hard work, our AI-based boutique name generator will do the hard work for you.

What are the different types of boutique names?

There are different ways you can name your boutique for long term success. Here are the few ways

Personalized boutique name 

One of the most used domain names in the boutique industry is personalized naming. It is good for both LLC and LLP business types. You can simply use – [Your Favorite Name] + [Your Niche/Boutique] for coming up with a unique name.  For example, if your name is Jessica, something like Jess Clothing or Jessica Boutique would be an awesome idea. You can later implement personalized marketing strategies for faster growth. 

Branded boutique name 

While personalized names are good, branded names give you more flexibility in terms of product niche. If you can find a one word, or two word name that looks brandable, then you can opt for it. This nomenclature method is usually preferred by companies planning to grow big, or those with multiple employees. One great example of this is Shein. 

Keyword boutique name 

Lastly if you are launching an online boutique around a micro-niche, then keyword name is still a good choice. Usually boutique owners use partial keywords in their domain name for both ranking better on search engines and showcasing what their boutique is about quickly. That said, keyword name is only good for small-niche, or products with limited competition. 

For example, if you are selling sublimation printed clothing, you can launch something like sublimation-clothing and target both the D2C and B2B audience base.

What to consider when selecting a boutique name? 

A boutique name generator will help you find a store name from multiple AI or workflow based combinations. However, you can’t go ahead and pick a boutique name idea randomly. 

In order to get a high impact name, you’d have to follow the below rules –

  • Short – Usually short boutique names are more remarkable and also perform well on search engines like Google. Don’t go for more than 2-3 words. 
  • Brandable – If you are someone who wants to create a boutique empire, think of something that can become a future brand. 
  • Unique & Trendy – Eye catchy store names are easily memorable.

Trendy and Attractive Boutique Names Ideas for Inspiration 

To help you get some inspiration, I have compiled a list of best boutique name ideas that will provide you a more clear picture of how your store name should be. 

Successful Boutique Names ideas 

Most of the successful boutique names use a unique, two words name that helps them build into a brand more quickly. 

  • thebebeluxe – Women fashion store generating $13,653/month
  • Darby Baby – Kids boutique generating $14,000 / month  
  • Citi Collective – Handbag Boutique generating $6,519 / month

Unique clothing store names ideas

Clothing brands and boutique names are almost similar, except that they are more focused on clothing. Usually the brand names are simple so users can easily understand that the store is related to garment. 

  • Boutique Crafter
  • Redefine Boutique
  • Proline Clothing
  • BlueGreen Clothing
  • Mr Clothing
  • Fabrics Studio

Cute kids boutique names ideas

  • LULLABY Boutique 
  • Couture Kids
  • Babies and Co 
  • First Smile 
  • Cradles Boutique
  • Comfy Store 

Which is the best boutique name generator? 

A boutique name generator will help you find the unique names, but you’ll have to make the ultimate call. You can select any name for your boutique without thinking too much as long as it is – short, trendy, unique, and brand-able. 

Nearly all of the boutique business name generators are good, but they all work on AI, so you’d have to use conditional logic and look for the names that make the most sense for you.

Are you not sure which boutique name is the best for you? Let me know in the comments below.