BoutiqueSetup Online Fashion Contest 2021-22

About – We are a team of eCommerce experts with most of the blog handled by Pulkit Bhardwaj (Fashion enthusiast and eCommerce blogger). We have started this competition in the hunt of creative fashion bloggers who want to share the most unique ideas. 

How to apply?

To enter the scholarship contest, you will need to write a post on the topic -You will need to write a post on the Shape of online fashion stores during the Corona Crisis and basically describe how clothing businesses could improve. The title of the post could vary, but it should be centered around the given idea. You can take this post into any direction, or even club it with technology and ideas on how fashion stores could make a profit using new strategies, or the clothing designs that people will love. There is no word limit, but according to copywriting experts, 1700 words post get more eyes.

You can either send over the piece directly to us, or publish it online on your University blog corner (if any), or even via a free platform like Blogger. Mention our contest somewhere in the post, it will help us reach more sharp minded fashion enthusiasts.

Next share the post URL, your name, and a valid email address in the form given below. Do know, one user can only apply once. 

What is the eligibility to enter the contest? 

To apply for this competition, you need the following-

  • Have a fashion blog (optional) – We consider more than one factor to find out how well the submission is written. This includes how amazing the content is, buzz it creates (without shoutout), and other stuff. Whether you are blogging on university blog corner or a professional site or even with a free platform like Blogger; we consider it all. 
  • Have a keen interest in Fashion or Business – Our contests are gaining popularity and we receive a lot of submissions every year. Because of this, we are only accepting those who have a keen interest in the fashion niche. Becoming a fashion enthusiast is important for us.
  • Must mention our contest – It is important that our fashion contests reach more and more eyes, so anyone can participate. For this purpose, you must mention and link to our blogging contest page, somewhere in your post (if you are sending submission as published post).
  • No GPA or any other restrictions, but this program is only for 2021 session students.

How do we select winners?

The BoutiqueSetup team will select a winner based on different factors-

  • Usefulness of submissions – We analyze each piece carefully and check how useful the submissions are.
  • Originality and grammar – Plagiarism is something that we do not accept. Our team like seeing fresh, original ideas with no grammatical glitches, rather than a re-hash of existing content available online.
  • Unique writing style – You need to ensure that the writing style of your content stands out from the rest of the users. A good readability score is a must.
  • Addressed topic – The last factor we check is – how well the idea has been described, we prefer great ideas.

Submission Deadline – 25 January 2022

Winner Selected – 5 February 2022

Winning amount – $1000 and a chance to work as a fashion blogger on

How do we handle the submission details? 

Our team understands the confidentiality of your email address and we clean the system immediately after the contest is over. This is to ensure that your email address remains safe.

For more details, feel free to reach us out on [email protected], or via the submission form given below-