Are you looking for a print-on-demand site that can help you make revenue online? Then you are on the right page.

Print-on-demand is especially good for those who want to sell custom products without having to worry about manufacturing and fulfillment. You can focus on marketing the products and generate huge profits just by designing unique products.

In this post, I’m going to compare some of the best print-on-demand sites.

What is print on demand?

print on demand sites

Print-on-demand is a dropshipping-based business model where you will get full control over the design of the product and don’t need to make any upfront investment. Depending upon what category you choose, you will have control over the profit margin.

  • Print-on-demand supplier – These are basically print-on-demand services that integrate with an eCommerce platform and give you a free mockup generator. A print-on-demand company is responsible for the manufacturing and fulfillment of the product. You just need to design it. 
  • Print-on-demand eCommerce platform – It is an eCommerce solution that you can use for creating a website for selling your product. This platform connects with the POD supplier using an app or plugin. You will have full control over your business and revenue.  
  • Print-on-demand marketplace – A print-on-demand marketplace is an online marketplace with a pre-existing customer base (Amazon, for instance). They allow independent artists to design unique products and list them on their marketplace. When an order arrives they will take care of creation + fulfillment, and you will get a fixed percentage of fees or profit margin. 

Best Print-on-Demand Sites for Independent Artists 2023-24

The best print-on-demand sites or marketplaces will help you make money online without any upfront investment.

1. Printify


One of the recent additions to my list of – print-on-demand sites for artists – is Printify, a print-on-demand supplier. Unlike most of the print-on-demand companies, Printify works with local print providers. This means you can have multiple pricing and design options for the same product.

What makes it amazing for the community is the extra room for profit. They also have a subscription for availing as much as a 20% discount on your sales.

Standout features

Printify offers multiple branding options including custom tags, labeling, and more

Easily integrates with sites like Etsy, eBay, or any other eCommerce platform


Printify is available for free, the profit margin depends on whether you work with an online marketplace like Etsy, or create an independent website.

2. Shopify


Shopify is one of the best print-on-demand eCommerce platforms for setting up and running an independent online store. There are tons of Shopify apps that you can use to connect it with top print-on-demand services like Printful, Printify, and more.

You will need to pay a small subscription fee every month to get your own brand live. Next, simply install the print-on-demand Shopify app and start designing your products with a mockup generator. List it with one click of your eCommerce stores and you only need to pay when an order is placed. They will automatically take care of manufacturing and fulfillment for each order.

You can use Facebook or Google ads and generate good revenue with very little spent.

Standout features

Profit margin

Shopify gives you an independent store and you will be getting a 100% profit margin.

3. Printful


Printful is the best print-on-demand company with multiple fulfillment centers around the globe. This means you can ship products quickly. Next, it integrates with top eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces like Etsy, Gumroad, and a lot more.

Once you create an account on Printful for free, you can start designing your products and save the product designs auto-generated via a mockup generator. You can then integrate the platform you are selling on, by simply selecting it on the dashboard.

Finally, sync your eCommerce platform and make your listing live. They will automatically fulfill the item when the order arrives.

If you want to create a print-on-demand site where you have a custom printing design for free, this is the best option for you. 

Standout features 

  • Beginner-friendly mockup generator by Printful 
  • High-quality products with fast shipment 
  • 20% discount on sample orders and 30% discount on bulk orders

Profit margin 

Printful is a free print-on-demand supplier with no subscription fees. However, the profit will depend on your online marketplace. For instance, if you choose Etsy + Printful, you will be charged a $0.20 listing fee for four months or until your product sells. In addition, there is a 5% commission fee by Etsy and a standard PayPal payment processing fee (around 3% + $0.25). For sales made via paid Etsy offsite ads, there will be a 15% ad fee. 

You can decide on the price for your product and have exposure to more than 350 million Etsy customers. 

4. Sellfy


If you’re a creator looking to sell merch online, then look no further because Sellfy may be exactly what you need:

Not only is Sellfy an incredibly easy-to-use eCommerce platform, but it also has a Free plan that includes built-in print-on-demand merchandise. This is really one of its best features, and it literally costs next to nothing.

In other words, you don’t need to connect to a third-party print-on-demand provider—Sellfy’s Free plan already has everything set up. So, all you need to do is open a store, add your merch products, and start selling.

Their merch line has high-quality clothing, hats, bags, home decor, and phone cases. Plus, their products are all CPSIA compliant and include organic print-on-demand options. Moreover, Sellfy comes with advanced VAT and tax settings.

Standout features

  • Free online store with built-in print-on-demand
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Instant payouts

Profit margin

You will have full control over profits.

5. Contrado


Contrado is a print-on-demand marketplace and a Shopify dropshipping supplier (for independent e-commerce businesses). What makes it a great fit in my list of best print-on-demand sites is the awesome product range and the good profit margin offered by them.

With over 380K visitors per month and a pre-existing customer base, Contrado is a great pick for independent designers to sell their art.

Standout features

  • 450+ products available for designing
  • Add your own label and build your brand
  • High-quality production facility

Profit margin

Contrado offers a 20% to 25% base commission and you get complete flexibility to set your own price. You will get paid within 14 days.

6. Spreadshirt


Spreadshirt is a popular T-shirt and clothing marketplace with print on demand for designers. However, their profit margin is limited. For instance, a T-shirt sale will only give you a profit of $3 per piece. 

Should you want to earn a bigger chunk of profit and better control over your design, I suggest you use their newly launched Shopify print-on-demand app – SPOD.

Standout features 

  • Over 150 products in 3 different countries
  • High-quality clothing items 

Profit margin 

Unlike other print-on-demand marketplaces for artists, Spreadshirt offers a fixed price on every sale made. Once you design the product, they will give you a fixed fee regardless of how many times the design is used. Here are the rates:

  • Sold on Spreadshirt – For every T-shirt sale you will receive $3, for hoodies $8
  • Sold on Amazon or eBay – They also list products on external marketplaces where you will earn $3.40 for a T-shirt.

You can check their complete profit margin on their new commission model

7. Teespring


It’s no secret that the T-shirt business is one of the most widespread industries. Teespring is an online marketplace with almost 1 million targeted buyers per month in just the USA.

You can design T-shirts, apparel, and other beautiful products, and Teespring will take care of print and shipment. They have an easy-to-use mockup generator that you can use for designing awesome products. The in-house t-shirt manufacturers will fulfill the order for you.

Standout features 

  • Design and sell 50+ product types with no upfront cost 
  • No monthly fees 

Profit margin 

You can set any price you want after designing your product. Teespring charges a 15% service fee (minimum $2) on your product sales and covers everything from printing to designing. 

8. Society6


Society6 is more focused on wall art, home decor, furniture, and lifestyle products. This print-on-demand option provides a place for creative artists and designers. Society6 has higher traffic than Teespring, but you might have difficulty creating a mockup design for your products.

Standalone features 

  • Unique product categories and no monthly charge 
  • Bigger customer base 

Profit margin 

While their product categories are diversified, the profit margin is low. Society6 pays you 10% of the products you sell, except for art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints as those products have a higher profit margin. 

9. Zazzle


Zazzle is one of the best print-on-demand sites with over 5 million visitors per month in just the US alone. You can make money on Zazzle as a designer, maker, or promoter.

The best part is that there is really a great variety of product niches, including clothing & accessories, weddings, gifts, electronics, arts, and more.

Standout features 

  • 20-year-old trustworthy marketplace
  • Beginner-friendly mock-up software
  • Higher profit margin

Profit margin

There are three ways to make money with Zazzle

  • Artists/designers/photographers – All you need to do is design the product, and they will take care of manufacturing and shipment. You can set royalty rates between 5% to 99%.
  • Makers/manufacturers – You will be manufacturing the product for a 70% margin.
  • Associates – Promoting Zazzle products will give you 15% per sale.

10. CafePress


CafePress is an on-demand printing site that sells products like men’s/women’s clothing, kids’ and babywear, home decor, drinkware, stationery, stickers, and much more.

You can use this platform to create a customized store and sell T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more.

Standout features 

  • 250+ products to design and sell
  • Fast shipment within 2 to 3 days

Profit margin

Just like Zazzle, CafePress will give you 10% of the retail price, but you won’t have control over the product pricing.

11. Teepublic


TeePublic is another one of my favorite print-on-demand websites that offers a great variety of clothing types for designers. In addition to clothing, you can design and sell home goods and stickers.

Standout features 

  • Both screen printing and DTG printing methods 
  • Higher margin and good quality products

Profit margin

Their commission structure is quite similar to Spreadshirt. You will get to keep 100% profit on the products. For instance, if the base price of a T-shirt is $10 and you decide to sell it for $24; you can get a straight profit of $14. Additionally, if you use a referral link and promote the product, there will be an additional 11% profit. 

12. Redbubble


Redbubble is an Australian company that acquired TeePublic. They sell products around 

This print-on-demand site is home to amazing independent artists along with a targeted customer base. A few of the categories they offer are:

  • Clothing
  • Stickers
  • Masks
  • Phone cases
  • Home & living
  • Kids & baby clothing 
  • Accessories

Also, they have a global audience, so it’s a great choice for creative artists.

Standout features 

  • Feature your art on over 70 unique products
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Profit margin

Redbubble’s retail price includes both the base price and the artist margin, which is usually set at 20%. However, you can increase or decrease the margin percentage and decide on the final retail price.

13. Merch by Amazon

Amazon by merch

Merch by Amazon is an amazing (and competitive) place for on-demand T-shirt printing. 

Once you design the product, Amazon will create a product page. After that, Amazon will pay you a royalty fee on every sale made. Their profit margin is really low, and it’s by invitation only.

If you choose Amazon for selling, you should use Printful Amazon integration for selling merch on Amazon. 

Standalone features

  • Amazon-backed storefront 
  • No inventory required

Profit margin

Merch by Amazon provides a very minimum fee for the design work done by the artists. On average, for a purchase of $15.99, you will only receive $2.21.  

14. Shirtee


Shirtee is a print-on-demand marketplace that allows both designers as well as shoppers to create custom t-shirts. Designers can create a lot more products including hoodies, mugs, pillows, car mats, tattoos, and a lot more. If you are creative enough, Shirtee is a great platform for making some sweet cash.

Standalone features

  • Unique print-on-demand products
  • Integrates with Shopify, Woo, Etsy and more
  • Sell over 40 products with your design

Profit margin

The Germany-based POD marketplace lets you create your shop. There will be a base price for each product to which you can add as much margin as you want.

Which are the best print-on-demand sites? 

There are tons of best print-on-demand sites that not only let you sell on their marketplace but also supply products (at a low price) for you to sell on your eCommerce store.

But if you don’t want to run an online store of your own and would rather want a creative marketplace, there are a few options for that. All you need to do is design your product, add the margin, and promote the product page, and the print-on-demand marketplace will take care of the logistics and fulfillment. 

Some of the best print-on-demand marketplaces are:

  • Teespring – Teespring is a free platform for creative designers to design and sell their products. 
  • Merch by Amazon – You can design products on Amazon and their team will create + ship it. 
  • Bonfire – Quite similar to Teespring, you can use Bonfire for designing shirts.

In my experience, Printful and Inkthreadable are two of the best print-on-demand services that you can use for your eCommerce website. If you are still not sure, feel free to reach out to me via the contact page. 

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