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What Shopify theme is that? Shopify Theme Detector Guide


Shopify is #1 platform to start a profitable eCommerce business. One of the best ways to start is by gaining some inspiration from existing stores. During your research, you’ll notice that Shopify themes have a huge impact on sales and conversion. To which, you might ask – What Shopify theme is that? 

Luckily, you don’t have to be a coding aficionado to find out. There are a lot of tools (like Shopify theme detector), browser extensions and many more to help you detect the theme. 

In this guide, I’ll help you to know how you can reverse engineer a Shopify store as well as to find out what Shopify theme they’re using. Hereafter, I’ve a quick list of Shopify themes recommendations which I tested and well-liked. Let’s jump on!  

What is a Shopify theme?

Every CMS based site consists of three things: the CMS, hosting server (if server isn’t hosted) and a theme. Shopify theme goes along with an eCommerce store, alike soul in body. Simply stating, a Shopify theme is the design template which determines how your online store will look and feel like. The themes vary in accordance to layout, design and features.

How to find out what Shopify theme is that?

To come by some good inspiration, you can check out Shopify exchange marketplace. It’s an online marketplace for buying/selling existing Shopify stores. You can have a look around the profitable businesses and can know which theme is exhibiting the best results.

For the purpose of this post, I’ll use the dropshipping store listed on Shopify Exchange: JustAsianThings.

1 .Using Shopify theme detector 

A Shopify theme detector is an online tool which allows you to find all the details about the theme a store is using. Some theme detectors notify about the theme as well as apps used on the Shopify store.

To detect the theme, all you need to do is “Enter the URL” and the Shopify detector will do the rest by displaying information about the exact theme.

Subsequently, you might need to search the specified theme on Google. Here’s what the Shopify theme detector detected about JustAsianThings: “Theme Name is: Debutify 2.0.2”.


Next, you’ll find the Debutify Shopify theme on Google and then you’re good to go. Here is the list of top three free Shopify theme detectors which you can use:
  • WhatStoreTheme: This tool will simply display the current theme version.
  • Shop Theme Detector: Shop Theme Detector will not only decode the theme but also detects the competitor analysis via Semrush.
  • Gochyu Theme Detector: This online detector will show both the Shopify theme as well as Shopify apps used by the eCommerce store.

2. Using Google Chrome extension 

Alternatively, Google chrome extension is a way to find out “What Shopify theme is that”. In some cases, the Shopify theme detector might not be able to catch the theme, that’s where you can use the help of extensions like Fera. Though, it is technically a Shopify theme detector but as a browser extension, it improves the chances of finding the exact theme. It’ll also find out the Shopify apps used by that store. 

3. Use theme detection service

If you’re still not able to find out “What Shopify theme is that” on a particular eCommerce store, you’ll have to use a theme detection service. You can head on to Gorgias Shopify help desk app free service which will help you to detect the exact theme for free. Once you enter your URL and email, they’ll generate the theme details to you in a couple of minutes.


As an alternative, you can always hire someone from Shopify Experts marketplace to dig out the theme and find out the customization done on it.

My personal picks for high conversion Shopify themes

Debutify is a freemium Shopify theme which will give your customers an awesome feel and boost your conversion rates. This theme is used by a lot of successful eCommerce stores. Also, it’s packed with some robust features.



If you switch to the premium version, you’ll have tons of eCommerce specific features which can replace the need for buying additional Shopify apps subscription. This means that you can get a higher ROI with little to no investment.


Price: Free

Venture is another free Shopify theme which comes in three different skins. You can select snowboards, outdoors or boxing based on the type of products you want to sell. Perhaps, you can also use it for other eCommerce products with little customization tweaks. I’ll recommend this Shopify theme to those who have a growing number of products in their inventory.


Price: Free


Booster is a high converting Shopify theme which grew popular in 2020. It is a multipurpose Shopify theme for yoga, home, kitchen, CBD, jewellery and pet’s niche. 


Similar to Debutify, it’s packed with tons of conversion-friendly features like cross selling, countdown-timer, GEO IP languages detector, smart search suggestions, currency converter, CTA animations, social proof popup, fast track checkout and a lot more.


It’s well-optimized for performance (claims a load time of 0.6 second). Also, they provide customization services. So, you can literally create the best experience for your purchasers.


Price: $179


Split is a beautiful Shopify theme with column-based design for eCommerce stores seeking to have a wide imagery. You’ll be able to create a visually appealing experience for your customers. This theme allows you to tell a brand story as well as to better connect with your audience.


Just like most of the themes on Shopify store, Split has three different skins based on the design type: modern, minimalistic and other.


Price: $180


Narrative has four different theme designs: Earthy, Warm, Light and Cold. This Shopify theme is especially good for those Shopify sellers having a limited number of products on their hand.


Also, the small features like beautiful hero video, responsive layout and vertical slideshow makes it perfect for Shopify dropshippers.


Price: Free


Galleria is the last option I’ll like to add to the high converting Shopify themes list. You can truly create an unforgettable brand experience for your customers and improve your retention rate. Unlike most of the others, Galleria is good for growing eCommerce stores with large inventory.


If you want to start an online boutique, you can choose the Galleria – Boutique theme design with a colourful catalogue look. If you want to set up a dropshipping store, you can choose Showroom skin. I have seen many print on demand stores using this.


I hope this post helped you find out “What Shopify theme is that” with the Shopify theme detectors recommended above. If you still need assistance with Shopify themes selection, reach us out on [email protected]

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