Finding the best SaaS business for sale can take a lot of work. The buyer needs to know many things, including Google algorithm updates, traffic fluctuations, and revenue spikes. 

Once you have found the right startup business, you can quickly work towards growing it with fresh marketing strategies rather than starting from zero. To help you find the top picks, we have compiled the best ways to land a profitable business in no time.

Let’s begin. 

Things to consider when buying a SaaS business 

  • Revenue – Monthly recurring revenue is the revenue generated by all the sources in a particular month. In most cases, you need to look at the average revenue earned during the previous 12 months.
  • Profit margin – You can check the expenditure and lead generation cost to find the exact profit margin.
  • Revenue source – Whether it’s a subscription relying on signups or a blog using AdSense, check the exact source. 
  • Room for growth – The business should have room for development or at least enough audience to test other areas to generate income. 
  • Trustworthiness – If you are not buying it from an online listing platform or broker, look at everything, like traffic analysis, revenue proof, product popularity, etc. 

1. Checkout SaaS listing marketplaces

Empire flippers

When it comes to the SaaS marketplace, you can’t go wrong with online marketplaces for buying and selling business. The best part is that most sites listed on such platforms are pre-vetted and verified for factors including revenue, traffic, marketing methods, and more. 

  • Empire Flippers – Empire Flippers is one of the best platform buying and selling websites. They have pre-verified eCommerce stores, SaaS businesses, mobile apps, blogs, and other categories.
  • Flippa – Another great place for finding amazing SaaS business for sale is Flippa. They don’t have relatively lower standards for listings but they do verify the showcased revenue.
  • Acquire – Acquire is another excellent listing resource for finding startups along with their MRR (monthly recurring revenue). That said, you can also opt for their premium plan for finding startups with $250k+ TTM revenue.

2. Start your SaaS business with Shopify

While finding a SaaS business for sale is always a good option, if you have enough time and limited investment; you can start drop servicing with Shopify – is an eCommerce platform that lets you create a store for as low as $1 a month. You can list services as products, and tons of free Shopify apps offer private labeling. They will develop the product under your name, and you can sell it directly to the customers.

Alternatively, you can check out outsourcing platforms like Fiverr to create a service at a lower price and sell it to your customers for a profit. 

3. Reach out to new Shopify apps 

If you don’t find a SaaS business for sale, you can reach out to plugins or extensions with limited or no reviews. You can get a SaaS business for a reasonable price, as several plugins and apps are not generating a lot of revenue. 

Alternatively, you can start a micro SaaS business on Shopify. One of the best examples of this is a marketing automation app that generated $25 MRR in just a few months.

4. Get in touch with SaaS brokers

The SaaS brokers are skilled negotiators that can negotiate a startup for you at a reasonable price. 

There are many good SaaS business brokers with a network of investors and entrepreneurs ready to help you out.

You can try Dealflow. They don’t charge any upfront fees and can easily find a high revenue, low competition business model for long-term passive income.

5. White-label your SaaS idea 

Lastly, you can just brainstorm your own unique ideas or use a startup idea generator. Startup incubators collect innovative ideas to help new entrepreneurs develop their businesses. You can then create the software or business model under your brand name by offering a white labeling service. 

With unique branding and a potential idea, you can quickly scale your business. Just make sure that you have workable strategies for generating leads and outperforming your competitors. 

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